Pulled Shoulder Muscle?

Discussion in 'General' started by 0dd, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. 0dd

    0dd New Member

    Hi I was just wondering if anyone has any tips on helping to relieve a pulled shoulder!

    I noticed my gelding was a bit "odd" in the school the other night and then (stupidly, my fault) I asked him to extend his canter down the long side and of course we got to the corner and I had trouble steadying him and it was after that he looked a bit dodgey.
    Also I let my friend ride him Fri night as she was looking after him for me that night and I was told by some others that he was asked to do a lot without being warmed up very well :\

    Anyway, basically, back to the question!!
    I can't really say how he was tonight as it was dark, raining and I was too busy trying to bring two in at once so it was a bit of a coffuffle!
    But I've upped his Glucosamine a bit and I've been lightly stretching his leg every evening.

    We have our first dressage comp. this saturday :\
    perfect timing don't you think!! :eek:
  2. Bay Mare

    Bay Mare www.maggieslaw.co.uk

    There's not much you can do except let it heal and keep your horse comfortable.

    Saff did her shoulder pratting about in the field. Our back guy thinks that she splatted with her legs going out sideways (ouch!).

    Initially I tried to keep her in but she wasn't having any of it and was making things worse by stomping around her stable. On the second day I put her back into the field BELIEVING that she'd know how much she could do on it! Yeah, right, she took off up the field in a canter :rolleyes:

    Saying that, though, she was happier in the field and probably did less damage than being on box rest. I didn't want to bute her but did give some no-bute for a few days just to get her over the worst. She didn't like trot, would walk but a bit gingerly and obviously decided that canter was the most comfortable pace because that's what she did the most of!

    There was nothing physio wise that could be done in the acute stage but after a couple of weeks I got her seen to. He had to use the 'stimulator' machine on her because her shoulder had gone into spasm (presumably as a protective mechanism) but after that and some Bowen she recovered pretty quickly. Only to do it again on the other side almost exactly a year later!!!

    The second time I used Bowen on her (I didn't, our therapist did) and she recovered much quicker. Whether it was coincidence or the Bowen I don't know but I have found Bowen extremely useful.

    All the best, I hope that he heals soon x
  3. poohsmate

    poohsmate New Member

    if you have a bowen therapist near you definitely give it a try it will help:D :D
    if he has damaged/pulled the muscle i cant see him being right for saturday..
  4. iluvhorses28

    iluvhorses28 New Member

    Mine just pulled her rt. hind leg ...not from riding..just goofing off and bucking about :rolleyes: Anyway..vet said massaging a bit may help...but really it should get better soon.
  5. Bay Mare

    Bay Mare www.maggieslaw.co.uk

    I agree, it took Saff about a month to be 'better' but because she had compensated actually took longer to get 'right'. There's no way that I could have ridden her before that.
  6. 0dd

    0dd New Member

    well we trotted him up in the school this evening (infact he was literally dragging my friend along!!) and he seems a lot better, just needs his confidence back.

    so I'm going to give him tomorrow off and use Friday as my horse day ^^
    gona take him on a short hack down the road in the morning and see how he goes - if all is good then I shall school in the evening and clean my tack for saturday!
    thanks all for your replies. x
  7. Bay Mare

    Bay Mare www.maggieslaw.co.uk

    Be careful! Sorry to be a fuss pot but Saff compensated for her shoulder really well. It was very difficult to see after a few days and then only noticeable in trot if you knew her! When I got the physio out she'd spasmed her shoulder to such an extent that he couldn't get it to contract at all at first.

    Have a good hard look and any doubts at all I would err on the side of caution.
  8. andreaB

    andreaB New Member

    i agree with bay mare

    i've only had on personal experience of this & my mare carried i well too , & i have to admit that i brought her back into work too soon & she relapsed

    give it some time & if in doubt have a phsio to look at her

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