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Discussion in 'Disabled Riding' started by DarenC1, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. DarenC1

    DarenC1 Banned

    I help out with the local RDA on a Saturday morning, and can usually be found bothering Ace, a 16hh Shire-X-TB.

    Anyway, here are some pics of the monsters, if anyone's interested....


    Poshed up for an RDA dressage comp


    The Boys

    Katie-Morag, a Highland Pony

    Misty - another Highland whose main goal in life is to rob me of mints!

    Looking thoroughly unimpressed with her head gear!

    Annie - 15hh Dales
  2. k8te

    k8te New Member

    Oh they are all lovely, i especially like Annie she is stunning! You lucky person x
  3. Shian89

    Shian89 New Member

    aawww they're all soo lovely espec Ace, he's gorgeous!:)

    are rda horses allowed to be bolshy in the slightest? my friend has an x rda horse and he's very bolshy, we couldn't understand why if he was rda. Not sure which rda centre he came from but his name is Garfield:)
  4. minihorse

    minihorse New Member

    Hi there how lucky are you!We use to take our daughter to RDA now have own horses..Love the photos...What RDA do you help out at?
  5. DarenC1

    DarenC1 Banned

    Shian - I guess it depends on their personality. Misty is so well behaved! Ace has certainly had his moments but, more recently at least, he's become so much more.... relaxed about me, and I can't figure out why! The first picture I posted - I couldn't have taken that a few months ago, as he wouldn't have bothered with me, but now he suddenly has much more interest!

    He did once throw me off last year, and I didn't ride him for a loooong time, but I did get on him for a bit last weekend.

    Scribbler - I help out at Thornton Rose RDA. www.thorntonroserda.com
  6. starrynight

    starrynight New Member

    awww i've started helping out at the RDA in glasgow. Had my first induction today so met some of the horses and ponies. it was great fun :D
  7. Hippyhorse

    Hippyhorse New Member

    They look fab, Ace is just my sort of horse! And Annie looks stunning!
  8. vikkig

    vikkig New Member

    i used to work at that RDA you will have to give Murran a kiss for me, she might pull a face but she doesnt mean it :)
  9. starrynight

    starrynight New Member

    I didn't see her but i did only see a few of the horses. I will do next time though! :D
  10. vikkig

    vikkig New Member

    she is the big mean grey next to trooper the clydesdale (she is not really mean)
  11. starrynight

    starrynight New Member

    I saw trooper,he was huge and lovely. I will look out for her next time.... they never are mean are they?!? :p
  12. DarenC1

    DarenC1 Banned

    We need a Clydesdale up at our yard... :rolleyes:
  13. Soot

    Soot Paranoid!

    I have a photo of me on that same horse somewhere ...
    Weird ....
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  14. Soot

    Soot Paranoid!

    Found it.
    Must have been in 2003 or early 2004, methinks! Good to hear he's doing well!

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  15. DarenC1

    DarenC1 Banned

    Oh cool! You might know some of the people up at the yard then?
  16. Soot

    Soot Paranoid!

    Doubt it!
    I was there for a grand total of 5 hours - charity competition of some sort. I turned up, got allocated a horse, did a dressage test, rode a handy horse circuit, had some tea while watching the others, collected my rosette and went home again *lol*.
  17. DarenC1

    DarenC1 Banned


    Ah, yes, well, maybe not then! :p

    But yes, he's still kicking about, still a big menace (although you probably wouldn't have experienced that!).

    I actually would really like to do more with Ace - get him used to me, and get the opportunity to ride him more often (and bring my confidence with him up a bit).

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