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Discussion in '2001 Archive of Posts' started by Elaine, Sep 3, 2000.

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    Nov 21, 1999
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    When jumping, how much slack should be in the reins? I used to shorten my reinsa bit before jumping but now my instructor is working on letting more slack in so the horse will be able to stretch over the jump. But I am having trouble telling how much slack is needed. thanks
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    May 31, 2000
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    When I jump, on the approach, I just have a light contact, and don't really have a lot of slack at all, because if I drop the contact, my horse will stop. But it's just a light contact. Then when he takes off I push my hands forwards to maintain a slight contact whilst still allowing the horse to stretch. How much of a release you make in the air really depends on the size of jump, eg if the jump is only tiny you don't need to give a lot because the horse doesn't have to stretch a great deal, but when they get bigger you will. I find it always very useful to have someone watch me jump (for safety reasons as much as anything but they can sometimes see more than you can feel) because if I don't give enough and hang onto their mouths, one horse jumps really hollow; the other one bucks!

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