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Discussion in 'General' started by Hero, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. Hero

    Hero www.JaydPower.com

    My pony on loan in view to buy ( he is 10 and i have been riding him at the same riding school for 4 years ) has been with me for 8 weeks and is now showing signs of him might being a rig.

    I was at my neighbors yard that he had never been to before tied up outside a stable. In the the stable was a mare in season squatting with all stable doors locked. They both touched noses through the mesh window and my pony excitedly pawed and the farrier told him off. When the farrier had finished. Then my pony reared up and kicked at the stable wall once, to all of our surprise.

    Today: Took him for a lesson back at his riding school were he came from surrounded by familiar mares in the sand school with no problems as usual. After the lesson I took him into the yard and began to tie him up next to a new pony ( a mare that was in season but not squatting ) he had never met her before and he excitedly pawed towards her but i walked him away from her without any problem and with complete control.

    I recently took him to a show ( his 1st ever show hes ever been to, as hes been used as a riding school pony all his life ) he was absolutely fine being surrounded by all the horses and his behavior was 10/10! He was excellent.

    But my question is...

    Is He Dangerous?


    Jayd & Hero

  2. demonbug

    demonbug with an angels heart

    IMO horses are like people....if you feel his good out weighs his bad than don't sweat the small stuff and avoid potentual "problems" with wisdom.
    Is it dangerous?? Depends on how careless you are...yes, I'd be pretty ****ed if you let my horse be hurt by yours because you failed to keep a distance. I ride/compete with a stud so...you do have to be very aware of whats going on around you. All in all, I have rode more dangerous "witchy" mares though so....Just weigh it out and go from there...remember nice horses aren't easy to find and it sounds like this is his only "minus". SMILES!
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  3. pengapenga

    pengapenga The Friesian

    I agree with what demonbug has said in regards to his good points vs his bad points and also the point about riding a stallion. However before jumping to the conclusion that he is a rigg you should have him checked out by a vet, as riggs are notoriously unpredictable. As he has not displayed this behaviour before it may just be high spirits bought on from a change of feed or spring grass:)

    Is he dangerous - well if he is a rigg then yes he could be dangerous because the testosterone levels in his body are very high which make him unpredictable.

    Last year I bought a gelding for my duaghter. He is lovely and quiet and to look at you would say he was a gelding. Well in my case not:rolleyes: I saw him try to serve a mare which I thought was unusual as I know some geldings do, but I was concerned because he ejaculated so I decided to take him to the vet for a check up and discovered he was in actual fact entire, he had both testicles which had not descended properly and when he was gelded as a youngster they got partially one testicle but not the other. He has now been properly gelded. I asked the vet if he was a rigg and they said no he was stallion (riggs have a partial or a bit of testicular tissue left on one side as I understand it anyway:)) which was a shock because in Australia it is legal to be in control of a stallion in a public place if you are under 18, my daughter had ridden him at shows and she was 12. Thank god he is a gentle horse.

    So take your boy to a vet and see what he has to say.
  4. Giveitago

    Giveitago New Member

    My horse can also be 'riggy'.

    I'm wondering whether to get a hormone test done to find out for sure.

    Last week, my non jumping gelding managed to clear a 4ft fence, without trouble to see the lovely girls next door.

    I am wondering whether I'll be asked to leave by he YO?:eek:

    He's 15- is it too old to have the op if needed?
  5. hacks 4 fun

    hacks 4 fun New Member

    Rig - advice

    Hi all,

    My boy was very riggy.... literally *ahem* 'loving' all the mares in his field... infact out of about 12 mares there wasnt one he hadnt 'served'..... jumping out of the field to chase after mares that had been taken out, generally VERY highly strung around mares.

    Anyhoooo he's a big 16.3hh clydesdale x TB ...so it couldnt carry on...so

    I got the vet out to test levels of testosterone in his blood, cost about £30 and took 5 or so days came back 0.001 so definitely not a rig

    Then put him on two measures of Wendalls Herbs Rig Calm a day.... gradually taking it down to 1 measure a day and I gotta say he is an absolute reformed character .... no more escaping... no more mounting...or at least VERY rarely and just generally a more mellow guy all round
  6. Giveitago

    Giveitago New Member

    wow, can you get that anywhere? Is it like a calmer too as I already give a scoop of NAF calmer a day anyway- maybe I could just give the Wendalls one?
  7. Giveitago

    Giveitago New Member

    Whats the exact product name- I cant find it?
  8. hacks 4 fun

    hacks 4 fun New Member

    Rig Calm


    There you go.... my local tack shop sells it so its a bit cheaper on delivery... I honestly do recommend it tho, think I gave him 2 scoops for the first 3 weeks then took it down to 1 scoop.

    It doesnt say its a general calmer but in all honestly his whole outlook on life has changed, he used to be a real dangerous on his toes, eyes bulging sort of fella, and now he's alot more calm and considered and just generally seems like he's enjoying life more through not being so strung out all the time ...

    His ridden work is also better as he gets less upset with himself
  9. holiday

    holiday holiday

    Im afraid there are alot of geldings out there who dont mix with mares, this is often why people keep them separate, i only have a few geldings who will go happily out with mares, these are the ones who were cut in their first year, you find the longer they are left the worse they are.

    It is quite normal for horses to squeal and kick out with new additions or new introductions, plus mares are notorious for being in season, but then kicking out as they arent quite ready.

    The best thing is to keep them in separate fields. If the mares are annoying over the fence, put some electric on the inside of the fences far enough away so they cant touch. As for squealing over the stable door, horses shouldnt really be tied close enough to touch for that reason. I dont think you have anything to worry about apart from "normal things" hes probually excited moving yards!!!!!!
  10. maryb

    maryb New Member

    We use Global Herbs Rigcalm too - it does seem to help - in an ideal world I would keep him with other geldings only, but that's not possible.

    I do think he is worse this year than last, I'm hoping it doesn't get worse every year. He was kept with geldings at his previous home - previous owner didn't know about his tendencies!

    We have had the bloodtest done, and he is definitely not a rig - best guess is cut late, and learned behaviour - he is a quick learner!

  11. Laura+Phantom

    Laura+Phantom New Member

    Honestly? That sounds like perfectly normal behaviour. It is highly unlikely that he is a rig, it's actually quite rare to find a gelding to be a rig, but you could have a blood test done if you really are suspicious. I don't let any of my ponies (mares or geldings) touch other horses noses or go near strange ponies as all of them will squeal and throw out a front leg, that's just to be expected. Saphy still does it within her own herd :rolleyes:

    I don't think your pony sounds dangerous, just keep your distance from strange horses, don't allow them within reach of one another unless they are field buddies. Mine will hack out with other horses side by side happily but I don't let them actually touch or they will start their nonsense. If your pony is a rig, he would be very dangerous and you would know about it! When dealing with other people's animals you need to be extra careful, it's probably just excitement at seeing a new horse.

    I had my pony rig tested as he is extremely territorial and aggressive to others, but his testosterone level was 0%. I have a mini shetland too who mounts my mares all the time and 'attacks' everyone, luckily he's small so he doesn't hurt anyone but he could well be a rig, he was raised on a council estate in someone's back garden so it wouldn't suprise me if he had a DIY castration! (he's been beaten).

    A magnesium based calmer is worth a go, good luck :)

    ETA: I might try that rigcalm myself actually... (well on Rusty, not me!)
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  12. Hero

    Hero www.JaydPower.com

    Omg thankyou so much guys!!!!!!!!
  13. Hero

    Hero www.JaydPower.com

    I am getting a blood test done costing £200 :eek: JUST because my neighbor says she wont ride out or go near my pony again if I don't get it done:confused:

    So yeah, im feeling pretty down at the moment.

    I am sure he isn't a rigg...
    I spoke to his old owner and she laughed at me when I asked her permission for him to have some tests :eek:
    She thinks I'm wasting my money, I do to.


    xx Jayd
    And Hero xx
  14. hacks 4 fun

    hacks 4 fun New Member

    Why £200.... mine was about £30 :eek::eek:...all they do is test testosterone levels in the blood
  15. Hero

    Hero www.JaydPower.com

    I know! Its madness + it takes a week for them to get the results.

    Jayd And Hero
  16. Hero

    Hero www.JaydPower.com

    Aww, Thank you. Are you talking about 'Magic'?
  17. Laura+Phantom

    Laura+Phantom New Member

    mine cost £30 too :confused: How strange
  18. Hero

    Hero www.JaydPower.com

    Did they come out to house as well? x
  19. Laura+Phantom

    Laura+Phantom New Member

    Yup! that might have cost £15 extra but definately not more than £45 for everything...mind you I am a special case, I had to have the vet out three times to get blood from Phantom, as we couldn't hold him, we tried twitching him, sedating him (3 x normal dose), he just kept running away, even snapped a rope in half! He hates the vet :(
  20. maryb

    maryb New Member

    have a look at this; http://www.nwlabs.co.uk/tp2-equine-rig-test.htm; the oestrone sulphate test was what was done for my boy, and cost around £30. If that result hadn't been clear, I think they could have done more tests, but happily it was clearly negative.


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