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Discussion in 'Tack & Saddlery' started by stressy, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. stressy

    stressy New Member

    any suggestions please??
  2. Lgd

    Lgd New Member

    My chiro is also a saddle fitter, although she doesn't do it full time so might wait a few days for an appointment. She is not SMS but trained as she was getting so frustrated at treating horses whose main problem was from the saddle - Shelly McKenna 07958786678

    My own saddle-fitter is based near Alnwick and tends to be quite busy, she mostly fits WOW saddles, although she will do others. If you go to her you would get seen quicker. She is SMS registered, Carolyn Johnson 07725638658
  3. caroline/halle

    caroline/halle New Member

    I used Joanne foster when I was in a treed saddle, there is also the woman at castle house saddlery in crook can't remember her name though
  4. sbloom

    sbloom Member

    We have a great fitter who covers the north of England including the NE if you're looking for a new saddle - not sure if he does adjustments on other saddles - do contact our HQ for details.
  5. Bengi1991

    Bengi1991 New Member

    I have one who came to visit myself last year he is from shropshire I think and came up to Stanley he is excellent and am sure visits the Northeast once a month and comes highly recommended . he fitted my hard to fit fatty cob and reflocked one of my other saddles for me . He was well worth the money.Pm me if you want his details x
  6. Lauzy

    Lauzy New Member

    Was it Andy Wheels (the saddle man)? He did my saddle last month and from what he said he covers all over the country.
  7. Bengi1991

    Bengi1991 New Member

    Yeah it was

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