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Discussion in 'Tack & Saddlery' started by kitcat2, Sep 4, 2009.

  1. kitcat2

    kitcat2 New Member

    Question pretty much in title...anyone recommend one? The only one I seem to be able to find is stirlingshire (who I should apparently avoid) and Lee valley (who sound v expensive!) Thanks:)
  2. Millymum

    Millymum New Member

    Agree to avoid stirlingshire !! and the grange.

    we are really stuck for decent fitters here. There is Kay Hastilow who covers this area but i think she may be expensive, im not sure really.
  3. MrKia+Me

    MrKia+Me Non member

    Google Amayzing Saddlery she covers most of Scotland and I find her to be very good and thorough. Have recommended her to several friends who also find she is a good saddle fitter also a saddler as well.

    Nikki xxxx
  4. Finn1985

    Finn1985 Its toooooo cold

    have a look on the society of master saddlers web site to see if there are any in the area? might help
  5. GingerRuby

    GingerRuby New Member

    Another vote for avoiding Stirlingshire....

    I use Vicky Graham, she has been great with Harv, PM me if you would like her phone number.
  6. ponygal

    ponygal New Member

    I've used Kay Hastilow and Vicky Graham-prefered Vicky,she is very nice,easier to get hold of and MUCH less expensive than Kay!:rolleyes:
  7. Soozy

    Soozy Member

    I've just bought a m-to-m saddle from Lee Valley. Actual saddle is made by Adam Ellis. Cost £1098. Very thorough fitting, and very comfy. Have ordered m-to-m bridle as well and I think it will cost about £150.

  8. kitcat2

    kitcat2 New Member

    Just incase anyone comes across this thread, at the moment Vicky Graham isn't doing saddlefittings. :(

    Lee Valley are just too expensive for me :(

    Help anyone? I'm beginning to think stirlingshire are my only option unless there is some way of getting Ritchie up to central?
  9. kitcat2

    kitcat2 New Member

    Oh and the first person I was going to have out - who was recommended on another thread - has appendicitis!! I actually could not have worse luck :rolleyes:
  10. xJenniferx

    xJenniferx New Member

    I have been fortunate as I use Stirlingshire and have no problems. I had Tyler re-fitted for a saddle a and we have seen massive improvements in his back since then. THe saddle fits myself and Tyler. Vet and equine body worker have both commented on the improvements.

    Think the problem is all saddle fitters have horror stories of some sort attached to them. Just need to find one that works for you.
  11. posie

    posie Honey's slave...

    i used kay for my first saddle and all went well - but we just coudn't agree with the next saddle i wanted (horse not happy - kay adament it fitted - catch 22!)
    so i got M-2-M from andrew sankey - and i'd thoroughly recommend him :)
  12. KT C

    KT C New Member

    Wouldn't touch Stirlingshire with a barge pole, even if there was nobody else available, would much rather not ride my horse for a few months and save up/wait for someone else! Very bad experience with them and I know many others have too... just goes to show that merely being SMS registered/qualified doesn't always guarantee you're going to get a decent service.
  13. Millymum

    Millymum New Member

    agree kt-c

    They are not worth the risk to your horses wellbeing. Cost me a bloody fortune in getting my lad sorted and new saddles after being told over and over again they fitted (and being charged each time!!)

    Being registered means nothing as far as i am concerned.

    I am so thankful for Poohsmate and Saddle Company Saddles. :D
  14. happyhacker101

    happyhacker101 New Member

    Is Poohsmate still around? Maybe ask if they'd like to come up for a job lot of fittings!!:eek:
  15. Valaraki

    Valaraki New Member

    I have always used Jackie at Central. Never had a problem with them and that is now I think about 15years or so I have had saddles off her.

    But again everyone has there horror stories, I am affraid it will probably be trial and error and recommendations.

    Good Luck:D
  16. myhorselovesmud

    myhorselovesmud New Member

    I use stirlingshire and haven't had any problems. I can't help but feel you should try them for yourself and see. It might work out ok and if it doesn't, don't use them (or the saddle) anymore?
    Just a suggestion?
    In fact I'm considering getting them out to check on my horse. It's been 6months since he was checked last and has filled out a lot (ony turned 5yrs). I tend to get him checked every 6 months. Is that over the top? Someone once told me that good backs and feet were key to a happy horse...
  17. JOJOBA

    JOJOBA Fluffy Bunny, apparently

    I used a guy known to friends, though obviously wont post his full name here. I found him to be very good and one of the few people Bob actually liked!
    Sadly we couldnt get the saddle I had to fit, even with adjustment, so after all the hassle of buying it and getting him out I never even managed to sit on the damn thing :p.

    I tend to fit my own saddles but needed that one adjusting, he is a previous Saddle Company fitter and I would reccomend him. He checks the back and movement of the horse first before even attempting to fit a saddle and is very thorough. PM if you are interested and I can text and see if it's okay to pass on his number to you.

    Last edited: Sep 10, 2009
  18. FeeStuart

    FeeStuart New Member

    Haven't used them, but I was also going to suggest Central Saddlery..... haven't heard any BAD reports about them!! I had Barnsby Direct come up to fit me and horsey for a new saddle - which is fab.

  19. cvb

    cvb Cucumber

    So did any of the saddles you got ever fit him ?
  20. JOJOBA

    JOJOBA Fluffy Bunny, apparently

    Started with an 18" Fhoenix which was good though too long, sold it and got a Barefoot London which I hated with a passion, so bought an Easisit and tried that but it was just the wrong shape and would never have fitted properly, so then found a really good bargain in the form of a brand new 17" Fhoenix so bought that and it fits him fine. My only issue is that the panels arent ideally shaped for him, I have spoken to Heather and she said I can get wedge panels though when I asked my EE fitter she had no idea about this so still chasing that up. Im happy with the Fhoenix and think its fine to ride in, though could be slightly improved by the addition of these different panel inserts :)


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