Saddle slipping - best anti-slip numnah/pad?

Discussion in 'General' started by Sarah-B, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. Sarah-B

    Sarah-B New Member

    My new saddle keeps slipping to the right, I've checked with my saddler (Kay Humphries) and she says that as the old one did it too it's probably due to TC's shape.

    I currently use a Nuumed Hi Wither Propad saddlecloth as recommended by Kay but the saddle is still slipping badly. Kay says she is reluctant to alter the saddle (it's a BS/KH Holistic so has a Flexitree) as in 3mths TC will probably be a different shape.

    So I was wondering what is the best anti-slip numnah or pad to try? I don't want to go buying one that won't work!!
  2. No_Angel

    No_Angel New Member

    impakt pads are very good, but do leave black tar marks on them when they sweat.
    if you can get your hands on a gera numnah they are they best things ive found.
  3. Sarah-B

    Sarah-B New Member

    Gera numnah? Do you know who makes them? Have Googled but not found anything!!
  4. danielle:>

    danielle:> New Member

    I got an Impakt anti-slip pad for the fat pony I was sharing. :p :D His saddle slipped alot because of his shape, but when we got this it pretty much stopped. Sometimes it would slip a tiny bit to one side after cantering, but I think this was more because of my bad habit of slightly leaning to one side, rather than the pad not working. And it wasn't nearly as much as it used to, so I would definitely recommend it. :) He never got any black tar marks on him after sweating, but we never done very strenuous work so this may have been why.
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  5. raggydoll

    raggydoll Hattie & Bimble

    If you can get one the Barnsby grip pad is excellent, i just got one and it is excellent, grips really well. Im looking for a second one in burgundy as the one i have is white which is just not a good idea with us! and burgundy is our colour. They are a bit tricky to get hold of though. There was one on ebay i'll see if its still there.
  6. raggydoll

    raggydoll Hattie & Bimble

  7. DITZ

    DITZ New Member

    barnsby grip pad definitely for me. I have one.
  8. sidesaddlelady1

    sidesaddlelady1 New Member

    Don't reckon much to your saddler!

    However, to the question. I have used Limpet pads under my side saddles for years. They keep the saddle in place and cushion the horse's back without a lot of bulk. The manufacturers say that you can use them even if the horse has a sore back but personally I wouldn't. You can trim them to size/shape which is useful if you are showing and don't want the pad to be too much in evidence. The horse doesn't get excessively sweaty under them either. They are rather expensive (about £30 I think I paid for my last one) but worth it - if you look after them they will last for years.
  9. Sarah-B

    Sarah-B New Member

    What do you mean by that? Kay Humphries is one of the best (if not *the* best) saddlers in the country and I trust her 100%. Could you tell me what made you say that?
  10. No_Angel

    No_Angel New Member

    im not sure if they make them anymore, ive managed to get 3 off ebay, but a company called gera (boots by gera come up on ebay often).
    they have non slip material underneath and vynal on top.
  11. fatponee

    fatponee New Member

    I use a Limpet pad on my little barrel bodied Welshie. Absolutely fantastic.
  12. eventerbabe

    eventerbabe Active Member

    my saddler recomended an impakt pad. although i've never got round to buying one just yet....

    Sarah-B, i think my saddler would agree with kay!! she told me you will always get a degree of slippage with chunky cob types simply because of their shape.
  13. aliw

    aliw New Member

    We had Magic, a round 11.2 welsh A, and we even had a saddle made to measure for him and it still slipped. Our saddler said that we couldn't have got a better fit, so we bought the thorowgood anti slip pad and it was really good.
  14. sidesaddlelady1

    sidesaddlelady1 New Member

    Your comment appeared to imply that she declined to do anything about a badly fitting saddle because your horse might grow into it in 3 months. Did she intend that you should ride on an ill-fitting saddle until your horse changed enough to fit it or did she think you should refrain from riding in the meantime? If she has sold you the saddle and is giving you the run-around you need to be careful as you could forfeit your rights under law by having accepted it with its faults. Sale of goods legislation applies to saddles as much as to other items which you purchase.

    I don't know this woman personally but I would be very worried by any saddler who came this one with me and my horse. Any saddler worth his or her salt should provide you with a saddle that fits your horse otherwise it isn't "suitable for the purpose for which it is intended" and to say that the previous saddle didn't fit either so it's the horse's fault is NOT what I would expect or tolerate.

    Would you buy your child shoes that were unsuitable on the promise that his feet might have changed enough to fit them in 3 months time? Or a car if you were told its brakes would improve in the next 3 months? A badly fitting saddle is not only bad for the horse it can be as dangerous for the rider as bad brakes would be on a car.
  15. LouHarvey

    LouHarvey Banned

    I agree with sidesaddlelady1, if anyone said that to me, it would certainly set off alarm bells!

    And I ride with no numnahs on either of my flat-backed, no-withered, barrell-sided cobs - yet to have any degree of slippage at all!
  16. teabiscuit

    teabiscuit Moooo

    my opinion for what its worth - saddles are not like human shoes, they sit on top of the horse, shoes contain the whole foot, so entirely different physics come into play when fitting them.
  17. Nookster

    Nookster Active Member

    the comparison between feet being enclosed and a back not isn't worth the arguement.
    At the end of the day badly fitting 'anything' is badly fitting and can cause problems.

    Your are placing a saddle right on top of a horses spine! Any back is easily damaged and must be taken care of.

    If I were you I would want my saddle re looked at. Or i would get another saddler to get a different view.

    I Have a Barnsby grip pad and would recommend it highly. But I have one because my horse has a very wide back and very active back side. My saddle has been checked by two saddlers and both confirmed fitted fine, but with having a full clip and active bum he was getting rub marks at the back on the saddle. I bought a grip numnah to combat this issue. which it has done.
    It was £50 but worth every penny
  18. No_Angel

    No_Angel New Member

    i thought the idea was to let the horse grow into the saddle, if the saddle is fitted to the wrong shape of the horse it will cause more problems if the horses muscle regenerates and it cant go anywhere, plus it wont regenerate as much with no where to go.
    the idea is to pad the saddle slightly so its comfotable for the horse, but has enough room that the muscle can grow into the saddle.
    thats what i thought anyway
  19. teabiscuit

    teabiscuit Moooo

    at the end of the day we can't see the saddle on the horse through the computer, plus she's had it checked by a qualified professional she trusts. she asked a simple question about non slip pads, she didn't ask for everyones opinions on her saddler.
  20. sidesaddlelady1

    sidesaddlelady1 New Member

    Actually, she did. She asked for mine.

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