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Discussion in 'Stables Reunited' started by lincolnlady, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. lincolnlady

    lincolnlady New Member

    hi did anyone on here used to go to any of these stables i did for many years lol x
  2. shane

    shane Two horses two dogs

    I didn't ride there but think my horse Charlie may have been owned by the lady who run the riding school then he was bought by her friend Karen, I am trying to get some photo's of him when he did some jumping, I am in touch with Karen but may be you knew him or someone that did.

    See thread with pic of Charlie on :)
  3. lincolnlady

    lincolnlady New Member

    hi no sorry shane i was there about a year ago last time i was there n he wasnt there sorry and i cant remember anyone called karen the bloke who owns the stables is called arthur baker n the woman that runs the stables for him is called sam sorry couldnt help
  4. abisheridee

    abisheridee Currently horseless!

    i went to saxilby a couple of times for riding holidays. always rode a gorgeous little mare called milly who as i remember had ALWAYS been old :rolleyes:
    wish they had a website or email so i could ask them how she's doing :)

    had some really good times there as the staff were all lovely although i was a bit scared of james the riding instructor who threatened to get us with a jetwash hose after we banana'ed a kid into a water trough!!!!
  5. lincolnlady

    lincolnlady New Member

    lol abi i couldnt stand james he was mrs scotts son n i hated him lol was a riding instructor called tracey there when you was? my fave horse was splash a grey about 14hh i loved that horse n wanted to buy it n they sold it 3 months before i managed to save enough money i was totally gutted lol tracey is my aunty byu the way thats why i asked lol x
  6. abisheridee

    abisheridee Currently horseless!

    i think we got taught by a lady a couple of times but cant remember her name! do you know if milly is still there? she was a native type, a dapple dun with a hogged mane.

    yeah i know what you mean about james, none of the holiday kids could canter a circle and it came to my turn, and he said "if abi can canter a 20m circle then all the rest of you have to rake the school"

    i was like ommgggg, but i was on milly so OBVIOUSLY would be able to do a 20m circle. but i helped them rake it anyway :)
  7. storm&jack'smum

    storm&jack'smum Well Bred Filly

    Hi I learnt to ride at Bakers (Park riding riding school) when i was 11..Hmmm *coughs *29* coughs* years ago!! Crikey.. I guess all the horses have been replaced but the first pony I rode was called midnight, Aww bless. there was also Scooby,simon, shandy,toby pinto, Robin(ace as was v fast!!) ripple(my fave) taffy ,magic(v.bouncy), dominic and many more. sorry, just reminiscing. although Mr B was an a**e I had a fantasctic time. There wasnt such a thing as health and safety-lots of riding bareback with headcollars on roads and on the West common!! When I helped(which was from 6.00 every sat morning) I got to ride the instructor's (Mrs Goldsmith) horse. AAAhh Good times!:D
  8. lincolnlady

    lincolnlady New Member

    ripple was my fave too!! was devastated when he had to go to horsey heaven i cried buckets for weeks and taffy i loved that pony lol i cant really remember the others but scooby rings a bell think he was a bay? i used to go every sat from 6 in morning aswell i cant remember mrs goldsmith tho i was there when tracey was the instructor lol i can remember riding bare back with just headcollars was brill loved it except when the horses on the common decided it was time for a stampede i got bolted off with quite a number of times lol was amber there when you was? a chestnut pony i went to ride at bakers again last year after many years away and they still have her alltho she is retired now but she still cuddly lol xx
  9. storminateacup

    storminateacup New Member

    AAwwww probably all the horsies and ponies I remember are now in horsey heaven! It was overs 24 years since I last rode there!! I gave up when i hit 16 until I started riding again in my 20s at Rednil (but thats another thread! :D)
    I used to live on Hewson road and remember hopping over the wall in all my 80's make-up and planting a big poncho pink lipstick kiss on Ripples nose! It wouldnt come off, poor thing.
    I went to school with Tracey, she obviously stayed after I left :)

    Btw I am storm&jacks'mum, I'm on my daughters login! whoops:eek:
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  10. lincolnlady

    lincolnlady New Member

    lol tracey stayed for a while then left then came back baker treated her like cr*p shes still got a couple of horses on the common i see her now n again still im hoping to be saving for my own horse this year or to loan as im starting my driving lessons when my provisional comes thru :eek: lol but i used to love the horses there just a shame about baker lol xx
  11. mancha70@hotmai

    mancha70@hotmai New Member

    I used to ride at and work for Mr Baker!!! Also rode at and worked at Saxilby.
    Oh my god I remember, Ripple(extemly fast!!) Scooby (mad out hunting), shandy and dear old Taffy, Magic too, does any one remember Pip? Dominic, simon, pickles,Nutmeg,Jasper......he probably(almost definatly) still got the same tack and rugs etc, from those days!!!!
  12. mancha70@hotmai

    mancha70@hotmai New Member

    I think I remember charlie was he chestnut with a white face ?
  13. lincolnlady

    lincolnlady New Member

    i remember pickles he was mahoosive ive still got a scar on my foot where he stood on it and wouldnt budge for nearly ten minutes lol was a big softy tho sadly never got to ride him but i loved his big cuddles lol i can sort of remember magice was he a black with white blaze? and jasper can remember him very well he was the first horse i ever rode at bakers when i got there and tracey brough him out i was only 6 and a short a*se i looked up and sh*t myself but he was brill such a lovely horse cant remember the others tho got rubbish memory lol can anyone remember freckles? she was a beauty xx
  14. Mags&Dan

    Mags&Dan New Member

    *waves* sorry to but in guys but if anyone knows of someone im still looking for a rider to share my 2 boys kept at washingborough

    BTW I met Mr baker recently and he is lovely, helped me out no end
  15. mancha70@hotmai

    mancha70@hotmai New Member


    BTW I met Mr baker recently and he is lovely, helped me out no end[/QUOTE]

    He has mellowed a lot over the years!!!
  16. Mags&Dan

    Mags&Dan New Member

    Yes I gather lol!

    Do you know where the best place to advertise for a sharer is, Im just having no luck and not even asking for mucking out or poo picking
  17. Ditchjumper

    Ditchjumper New Member

    I used to ride and help there many many years ago. I remember Pip, Robin, Copper, Nimrod, Billy, Misty, Lassie, Colonel, Harvey,Flicka, Cindy, Darkie, Dumpling, Sugar Puff, Taffy, Midnight, Scooby, Smokey, Magic, Blaze, Pinto. I remeber the RAF coming and nicking all the best horse for the gymkhanas we used to hold and then not being able to ride them! Tracy, Killer Millar was in my time too....and many of you go back that far???
  18. lincolnlady

    lincolnlady New Member

    ripple was always my fave lol
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  19. mancha70@hotmai

    mancha70@hotmai New Member

    yes i remember all those horses!!!

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