Should I start feeding my horse?

Discussion in 'Horse Care' started by Ale, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Joyscarer

    Joyscarer New Member

    I actually have changed the way I feed my fatty.

    She's on very restricted grazing to keep and handle on her weight. I used to feed a balancer in a minimal feed. However, I now like to feed it in a heaped Stubbs scoop of Debgie good Doer chaff before I get her ready to ride.

    The chaff has less sugar and digestible energy than the grass and it means she's not so likely to want to snatch at anything green as we go by!

    I also wonder about giving a very lo cal feed before she goes back out in the field too to prevent her from having that urge to immediately gorge on grass, or soaking some hay, but I've not done that yet.
  2. Claire1605

    Claire1605 Active Member

    Without shoes V's feet are fantastic. Amazing what barefoot can do and not change in diet!!
  3. Joyscarer

    Joyscarer New Member

    But anyone who keeps their horse in a field is always exposing them to a change in diet as the grass changes in composition. Hence lami and footyness being more prevalent at certain times of the year or after certain weather conditions.
  4. Kite_Rider

    Kite_Rider Well-Known Member

    Don't know about the diet, my lad gets a handful of hifi lite and a balancer (blue chip original) and I mean a handful, he looks fab on it although fellow liveries think Im mean because he gets so little!
    As to Kevin Bacon hoof dressing - used to use it because my old farrier recommended it, new farrier said 'don't waste your money, buy a big tub of aquaous(sp) cream and use that instead', just as good and costs about a quarter of the price! He also said anything fat based ie Kevin Bacons will litterally cook the hoof wall in summer, said I might as well be putting cooking oil on them?

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