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Discussion in 'Jumping' started by sprite, May 22, 2006.

  1. sprite

    sprite New Member

    can anyone tell me what the penalty is for turning a circle or crossing your tracks during a round?
  2. horseaholic

    horseaholic New Member

    Under BSJA rules I think you get 4 faults, same as a run out or refusal. So don't do it! :D
  3. xx emma xx

    xx emma xx xx EMMA xx

    You may circle as many times as you which to before you jump your first fence however you may not circle during your class as you will be eliminated. Circling is treated as a refusal. Hope this helps x
  4. nutkin

    nutkin New Member

    circling or crossing your tracks once incurs 4 faults,twice 8 faults and on the 3rd time you are eliminated. You must not circle after a refusal or if the round is stopped for any reason after the bell has sounded.
  5. horseygal90

    horseygal90 Going

    You shouldn't cross the start twice - Circling across it after the bell's gone and your round has started.
  6. Glacier rocks

    Glacier rocks ~*Clairey*~

    if you croos your line in pony club rules its me i know...
  7. MeMe

    MeMe Inspirer!

    Under BSJA rules, crossing your tracks or circling occurs 4 faults, its classified as a refusal for fault working.

    2 refusals is elimination now not 3, has been for some time.

    Circling after a stop will not incur more faults as you have to circle away from the jump to jump it.

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