Some EVIL person has RUINED my horse!

Discussion in 'Training of the Horse' started by shiney_things, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. shiney_things

    shiney_things New Member

    :mad: My horse, merlin, is a 27 yr old cob, he had the most LOVELY nature. He would follow me everywhere, i could crawl right under him he was so docile and affectionate.

    I saw him on sunday night and he was himself, but on monday morning he was charging about, bolting, thoroughly hand shy and just dam mean. I asked a few people on other yards and they had people breaking in and tormenting their horses, so it seems the same has happened with me?

    Any ideas on how to get my old friend back? I have put him on calmer (topspec) and im trying to reassure him, but its heartbreaking to see him so afraid if me! PLEASE any ideas?!
  2. Sasca

    Sasca New Member

    He'll come round eventually but it may take time. He'll remember you and get back to normal but he may be a bit warier from now on. Sorry to hear about this, it awful! whereabouts are you?
  3. Kate&TheHerd

    Kate&TheHerd Guest

    im so sorry to hear that it is sooo bad. my only suggestion is do some nh ground work. sound do the trick, or help at least
  4. Lilyyx

    Lilyyx New Member

    that must be horrible! may be its just like start from square one?:(like you would with a new horse? building up yours and his confidence? if hes had a horrible experiance with who ever it was its only like buying a horse with a dodgey past? and theres no telling how long its being going on for? if its just got worse and your poor horse couldnt take it? when it got so far? hope that makes sense!

    cant believe how selfish people can be, poor horsey-hope his normal lovely self comes back soon for you!

    HORSE4CORSES New Member

    thats terrible what an earth goes through these people's minds makes me so angry !!!
    i can't give you any advice but i hope with lots of love & paitents & time he will get back to the way he was.
  6. shiney_things

    shiney_things New Member

    He has given me SO much happiness, i have all the love and patients in the world for him :eek:
  7. shiney_things

    shiney_things New Member

    Im in the northwest... Fylde coast
  8. rippling~wave

    rippling~wave Impatient Pixie

    Thats so awful :( :mad:

    Maybe some Bachs Rescue Remedy will help him through the trauma, if you ring the company they will mix you a special blend for his needs and that and patience and kindness will bring him back to you im sure. :)
  9. EquineCompare

    EquineCompare New Member

    Thats awful mindless idiots :mad:
    I agree with previous comments, lots of groundwork to occupy his mind and build up his trust again. I'm sure the old Merlin will be back again in no time :)

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