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Discussion in 'Cats, Dogs and other Animals' started by dancing lucy, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. dancing lucy

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    Many many years ago our farmer got 3 cats from a sanctury to keep the mice down he was told they would have been spayed but unfortunately it was not a reliable one and they werent. So over the last years we have been inundated with kittens if they are born within our tack room we handle them and can find them homes but usually they will hide then turn up with several wild kittens in tow so we now have lots of cats. This year I have found it so hard to get rid of the kittens I got in touch with cats protection and they sent me a voucher to have them spayed or castrated this is great but they are wild 2 weeks ago got mauled to bit trying to get one of them in a basket, so have borrowed a trap its great got 2 females last week and last night caught another female and a male, left them in cages overnight and went for them early this morning put them in back of my brand new van and drove to vets oh dear half way there I got the smell the tom had poohed in his cage and was walking all over it, got to vets and had to apologise for smell I was getting really bad looks off other people in the vets. Only good thing is I have now had most of them done so no more kittens but had to leave my van windows and back doors open at work and people keep coming in to tell me its all open blinking wild cats.
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    Good on you for taking them to the vets! Sounds like the population had gotten a bit out of hand! Hope your van stops smelling of cat poop soon!!!!
  3. Wally

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    The CPL and RSPCA will have cat traps I borrowed a cat trap from my vet to get the last two feral queen's that were hanging around here, trapped them and took them to the vet in the trap, vet sorted them then I took them home, left them in a shed for a night or two then slipped them.

    That's the least stressful way for eveyone.
  4. Kis Vihar

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    This exactly, well done for being so responsible! :)

    The smell might linger a bit..... :eek:
  5. liz_scarlet

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    agreed! what a good thing to do.....dont envy you the smell its bad enough when my cats use the trays and its removed immediately :poop:
  6. Feffie

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    I hoe you didn't have to pay for it all, hopefully you got vouchers of the CPL, they'll normally pay for ferals to be spayed, neutered and have vaccs if needed.

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