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Discussion in 'Other Disciplines' started by *wiccaweys*, Apr 29, 2011.

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    Due to not being able to ride for a while, I'm looking to get Summer into harness and driving. I was thinking about it before I went into hospital and that has just shoved me to do something about it.

    Summer would probably have been driven in France before she came to the UK 5 years ago, and she acts like she'd been driven. :)

    Does anyone have, or could anyone point me towards somewhere to find a second hand draft horse size harness set? I'm trawling thorugh ebay and going through all the normal sites, but not having much luck at the moment.
    I'd rather get a 2nd hand harness to start off with until we see how we get on. My friend is going to long rein Summer for me to start off, while I'm less mobile.

    I'm wondering if I can find something, word of mouth. I don't mind paying a sensible amount, but I can't afford to go mad at the moment and splash out on the 'good' stuff.

    I'd even be interested in a cart and harness if available and again, within a reasonable price range.

    Summer is a 16h Comtois (French Draft Horse) and built like a brick building you would take a newspaper into!

    Thanks for reading. :biggrin:
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    try a site called preloved it has all sorts of stuff on it
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    Sorry can't help with the harness, but looking forward to following your story. I think my Willow is a Comtios (15.2hh) and I've just started long reining her in a harness, with a plan to getting her driving one day! We could be a matching pair!

    Found it hard to get her harness, just phoned round loads of places, and kept an eye on ebay. Got one from a saddlery in the end, not thought the shop, it's just the owner happened to have his old one for sale.
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    Omg I'm so envious. I've ridden 2 comtois in the past few weeks and think them a delightful breed.

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