Stiff as a board this morning...

Discussion in 'Confidence Club' started by Lobelia Overhill, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. Lobelia Overhill

    Lobelia Overhill New Member

    ...because I rode yesterday! For the first time in nearly a month.

    I always get nervous when I ride for the first time after a break and usually stick to walking around and doing some lateral work, but yesterday some madness overcame me and I walked, trotted and cantered!!!

    Not once, but twice!!

    and he was a good boy, didn't do anything crazy when I asked him to canter - other than flick is ears as if to say "I'm sorry, did you just ask me to canter?!?!?!" He got a bit strong, but calmed down when I did a half-halt and trotted again when I asked.

    I believe this fit of madness was down to my new reins that KV kindly made for me! They are brilliant! Sadly when I tried to take a photo the battery on my camera died on me :(

    I'm going to try taking D'Mother with me some day next week, I'll leave her sitting in the car with a magazine while I ride, and hopefully I'll get some pics of my reins!!

  2. Auqeam

    Auqeam New Member

    wohoo well done! looking forward to pics :D
  3. Kis Vihar

    Kis Vihar Nutty Saddlers !

    Glad you had chance to ride. :) Hope you liked your reins too. :) Kx
  4. Lobelia Overhill

    Lobelia Overhill New Member

    The reins were great! Everyone was admiring them :D

    I found my charger for the batteries so hopefully will get some pics next week!

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