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Discussion in 'Western' started by ridingmilly, May 3, 2009.

  1. ridingmilly

    ridingmilly New Member

    Hi I have just bought a western saddle as I have always wanted to try it, only thing is the stirrups are on the last holes and they are a few holes too short for me.........can you get extension leathers to put on or do you have to buy new fenders too? I havent got a clue about this type of tack and riding. Also if you could suggest a good web site for western biginers that would be great Thank you
  2. Keket

    Keket New Member

    I've never seen extension leathers... Although I'm amazed at how tall you must be. We have some fairly tall men at our barn, and we've never had to extend anything; those fenders usually have quite a bit of leeway. If you have someone near you who can work leather, like a saddler or something, perhaps you could have them make a strip that would buckle through the fender and through the stirrup to give you extra length. It'd make the stirrups more unstable, but it would be a fairly cheap and easy fix as opposed to buying new fenders.

    If you have no idea what I'm talking about, I'll draw you a diagram (if I don't reply immediately, it's because I'm leaving for vacation tonight.)
  3. ridingmilly

    ridingmilly New Member

    Hi Thanks for the info, im not really that tall only 5' 8 but I do ride long, will just have to see if I can manage the length they are, its a cob set up I got so maybe will have to buy a full size and that would be better ? I understand what you mean about the extension leather will see how I get on. Thanks loads and enjoy your holiday.
  4. campbh

    campbh New Member

    Hi ridingmilly, welcome to Western! Not knowing anything about your saddle or whether it's got leather or synthetic fenders, I can only give you details of various UK western tack vendors and general info.

    To find out more about Western in the UK, look at: - forum with general info and links to most UK Western organisations, horse breeders, retailers, trainers etc. - the Western Equestrian Society - AQHA's UK affiliate association

    Tack: - Pullman Western Store in UK stocking Pullman, Continental and Montana saddlery, and I know they've dealt with a few needs for short fenders. - Cattleman, Westwood and Garland saddles - March Horse N Tack
    http://www.westernscene-uk/com - Another tack shop

    There's also Hooves Equestrian, Westways Saddlery the Western Saddler, so lots of people to look up to resolve your fender size issue.

    Good luck!
  5. ridingmilly

    ridingmilly New Member

    Wow Thanks loads "campbh" thats great info. I will work through the web sites to see how I get on, im really looking forward to this type of riding but want to do things right for me and the horse. (its a leather saddle by the way) not a good quality one and its cob size I think, the person I bought it from didnt have a clue about this type of riding either, I have bought it for my appaloosa stallion really and he is standing about 15.1hh at the moment, although he is just rising three and I wont be riding him untill next year, I will start him off over the summer months lunging/longreining etc. So in the mean time I want to learn about western riding so I can break him in to it as well as english. Any way thanks loads for your help much appreciated.
  6. lottiec

    lottiec New Member

    Hi Pam
    I would also ask - did you get your saddle fitted?! I am a bit of an anorak nowadays about getting western saddles fitted to you and your horse having had the unforunate consequences of a saddle that I was told fitted but when looked at by a trained fitter did not fit my horse well at all......
    But it is a great way of riding!!
  7. ridingmilly

    ridingmilly New Member

    Hi Lottie
    Thanks for your advice. no I didnt get the saddle fitted but I have 10 horses and am sure it would fit one of them/ I will be getting a prof fitter to fit it to my appy stallion tho as I dont want to cause pain or discomfort to any of them. It is very hard to find a decent fitter though,as they are all differant and one would say the saddle fits the horse then when someone else comes they tell you it doesnt fit????? Hard to know who to if you know any good fitters let me know.
    Much appreciated
  8. lottiec

    lottiec New Member

    I used Maria Owens - the western saddler. She is very nice and came recommended! She has a website with contact details on it. I'm afraid I was one of those people who tended to think one size fits most (in my defence I was never of the "one size fits all" mentality!!!). Hope you do find that your saddle fits the horses you want to use it on but with ten as you say I am sure it will fit one of them!

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