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Discussion in 'General' started by Purplehorse, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. Purplehorse

    Purplehorse New Member


    Can anyone recommend any (preferably not too expensive) good summer jodhpurs? I get so boiling hot and would really like to find some nice lightweight cotton jodhpurs to help keep as cool as possible! :)

    Thanks in advance
  2. eventerbabe

    eventerbabe Active Member

    Saxon jods are fab. £12-14 for a pair of adult jods. i love mine, but my latest pair got torn to shreds so i'm having to endure my thick harry hall ones til i get a chance to order more saxon ones!
  3. notpoodle

    notpoodle Well-Known Member

    or you could throw caution/fashion to the wind and ride in dodgy shorts with halfchaps, ahem. there is a bit of knee exposed in the process though (very airy!)! and be sure to NOT forget the chaps like i did the other day .... my legs promptly had an unpleasant run-in with stinging nettles and a raspberry bush and are now covered in scratches ...

  4. Purplehorse

    Purplehorse New Member

    Ooh Julia that sounds hilarious!!! If not necessarily fashionable... :p

    I like the idea of the breeze on my knees (I'm rhyming now...) but not sure if I can face it.....!!
  5. april89

    april89 previously rhiannon264

    I need a new pair of summer jods now as on Saturday mum decided to wash me beige jods with some new (therefore leaching dye) black chaps. :eek: The jods are now a disgusting grey'y purple colour! :D
  6. Purplehorse

    Purplehorse New Member

    Think I might order the Saxon ones. You can get them on
  7. Jay.o

    Jay.o New Member

    The only Saxon ones I can find seem to be the 'Warm-up' ones :eek: These cant be the ones can they? I really need/want some cool summer jods.
  8. Purplehorse

    Purplehorse New Member

  9. notpoodle

    notpoodle Well-Known Member

    @purplehugs: oh, you, too would be the 'breeze knees' :D


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