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Discussion in 'Rainbow Bridge' started by LokiSofi, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. LokiSofi

    LokiSofi New Member

    Sadly in the early hours of the morning little Dennis (the YOs sick 2 year old pony I had written about in the veterinary section) died. He had only seen the vet a few hours earlier and was last checked at midnight. Strangely I couldn't sleep last night and woke around 5am with a severe pain through my stomach. His owner also woke at 5am with the feeling he should go out early and try to feed him he also several times last night thought he should sleep outside with him last night but didn't. Dennis was found flat out this morning by one of the other liveries at 7am. He was still warm when he was taken at half 9.
    The blood tests came back as liver failure and sonme other things.

    Good night sweet sweet boy taken far too early, you tried to stay so long but in the end the angels needed you back.
    Have fun on Rainbow Bridge little man xxx
  2. Carrie+Morgan

    Carrie+Morgan New Member

    RIP little Dennis run free xxx
  3. Kimmy C

    Kimmy C New Member

    Bless you Little Dennis, may you meet lots of friends in Horsey Heaven XXX
  4. poohsmate

    poohsmate New Member

    RIP Dennis.....:(
  5. Innocence

    Innocence New Member

    Awww what a shame! RIP Dennis :(
  6. LokiSofi

    LokiSofi New Member

    thanks. Poor little man. Made me feel sick as the person who collected him is the guy who put loki to sleep and took him away so brought it all back.
    It's awful how as they were taking him out of the block Every single horse (even those like my 2 who hadn't met him) all stood screaming then fell silent :(
  7. bigmare

    bigmare New Member

    You're safe and free of pain now little man, run free x
  8. Trewsers

    Trewsers Well-Known Member

    Aw so sad. He will be well looked after at Rainbow bridge, I have no doubt.
  9. Russet

    Russet Member

    Poor little Dennis. That's so sad, and he was only a baby. :(

    How awful for you that it brought back such painful memories of Loki. It must have been heartbreaking enough without that added grief, and the reaction of the other horses.

    It is amazing that both you and the owner both woke at 5am, and your stomach hurt. I remember reading the fascinating thread at halloween about spooky happenings, and what you said about your experiences, which are incredible. You must be very psychic, or very lucky. I find it so comforting to think our beloved animals let us know they are still around. I've had a few things happen since losing my gorgeous dog a year ago, and it has helped as I still miss him so much.

    Sending hugs to you and Dennis' owner at this very sad time.
  10. Luna Corona

    Luna Corona New Member


    I am so sorry for Dennis. Condolences for his owner and everyone else who cared about him. Losing a youngster is never fair.
  11. happyhacker101

    happyhacker101 New Member

    RIP Dennis - such a shame when any horse dies but made worse because he was so young.
  12. Kis Vihar

    Kis Vihar Nutty Saddlers !

    How sad, poor baby. :(

    RIP Dennis. Kx
  13. Libbyo

    Libbyo Active Member

    RIP little man x
  14. pauline w

    pauline w New Member

    So sad. RIP Dennis. Thinking of everyone who knew him. X
  15. Daisy_Roots

    Daisy_Roots New Member

    RIP Dennis.

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