The New Para Dressage National Championships

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    0 would seem that the summer Para-Dressage Championships have been abandoned or re named, at least. It's now going to be held towards the end of June as part of the Hickstead Premier League Show.

    Because it's the first time this has been done (and perhaps a bit rushed in my opinion!), they haven't got as many regional Qualifiers for it as they would like to have for 2010. In subsequent years, they're hoping to have qualifiers almost all year round in different venues around the country.

    To qualify, restricted riders have to accumulate 8 points over 60%, and open riders have to accumulate 12 points over 62%. Because there's a shortage of qualifiers this year, we will be allowed to use our warm up tests in addition to our our qualifying test to accumulate points, for this year only.

    If there's anyone out there thinking of competing, and feels there aren't any/sufficient qualifiers near enough to keep checking with British Dressage.I received a list of them in November, and have heard of at least one more that is to be held, which wasn't on the list, because they had been approached too late by BD to have it put on the present list. So, folks....though not on the list yet...there IS going to be a qualifier at Aintree for Hickstead, and it will be in early June. So if you know of a venue and are surprised there isn't a qualifier being held might be worth asking at that venue if they know something you don't. I discovered about the Aintree qualifier when I expressed that surprise to staff there, when I was watching a competition at Aintree last Wednesday.

    I wouldn't be surprised if one pops up at Myerscough too....though that MAY be a bit of wishful thinking on my part!! Hehe!!:p

    BD's para dressage officer is Amy Cullen, and she's very helpful. I can give a direct phone number to anyone who wants it. Good Luck to you all. And hope to meet some of you out and about.
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