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Discussion in 'Transport and Travelling' started by Lauzy, Oct 8, 2011.

  1. Lauzy

    Lauzy New Member

    Has anyone done there trailer test? How difficult was it? I am thinking about booking mine. Do you use your own car/trailer?

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  2. juliecwuk

    juliecwuk Well-Known Member


    Did it in march.

    I have had towing experience before with my mum supervising so I wasn't a total novice.

    I did a three day course with a local training firm. Was two afternoons of trailer towing training then the test was on the third afternoon.

    I passed first time with 2 minors. I felt it was easy but 100% beneficial doing a mini course as I learnt what would be asked of me during the test.

    I am soooo happy that I have done it :)

    Also used the training company car and horse trailer...def recommend doing that!
  3. Lauzy

    Lauzy New Member

    Sounds really good. If you dont mind me asking how much did it cost?

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