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  1. puzzles

    puzzles New Member

    for a 15hh 8-year-old skewbald gelding (LW Hunter-type) ... et moi.

    what will we both have to wear, in-hand and ridden.

    Horsey has fabulous paces and a superb jump but gets very fizzy, so what classes would be suitable for him considering his looks.type, etc, too?

    and does turnout for us both differ class to show to standard 9i.e. local to county)?

    if so, how?

    sorry, tall order i know but i amd a bit confuzzled!

    many thanks in advance,

  2. Daffy Dilly

    Daffy Dilly New Member

    Pictures are required! And age of rider ;)

    At 15hh and fairly lightweight, I imagine he'll be more of a riding horse than a hunter. Small hunters (under 15.2hh) are meant to be replica middleweights. At county level, this leaves you with small riding horse classes, and intermediate show riding type (I think) if you're under the age of 25. Glider will know more on that.

    You can also do T&T, equitation, riding club horse, working hunter and best condition type classes.

    For you;
    Navy hat with leather harness, for inhand I would wear a beagler (no harness, no padding) and these are still acceptable for riddens at some county shows
    Shirt and tie, coloured and discreetly patterned
    Brown leather gloves and cane
    Green or brown tweed jacket (inhand and ridden)
    Creamy canary breeches (beige look washed out, banana is for eating!)
    Long leather boots - garter straps if straight topped
    Spurs are possibly correct in small riding horse, but generally aren't allowed at local shows

    For inhand, substitute the breeches and boots for trousers (dark for light legs and vice versa) and discreet running shoes/boots.

    Tack should preferably be brown, with a leather girth. Saddle should be straight cut and show off the shoulder. Numnahs should be discreet, and self coloured. A pelham/double with two reins is generally better than a snaffle, but depends on the horses way of going and riders competance.

    For riding horse and show riding type classes you should use a classy (not blingy) show browband. For hunter classes if you do any, you should use a plain one. For all other classes, use whichever looks best on the horse.

    He should be pulled and plaited, tail preferably pulled, and banged so it lies just below the hocks when moving. Feathers/beard/outer ears should be trimmed. Whiskers and inner ears are up to you. Looks better to remove them, but they're there for a reason.

    Turnout wise, in an ideal world the quality would be high no matter what the standard of show. Of course it isn't, so you will see a big difference between county and level. Follow the example set at county level rather than local. ;)
  3. puzzles

    puzzles New Member

    wow, that's a lot of information!
    rider = 16 years

    no pics availiable, sorry!
  4. puzzles

    puzzles New Member

    - and another thing, surely turnout varies class to class, etc?
  5. Daffy Dilly

    Daffy Dilly New Member

    For most classes, you turn out to type. For type classes, you can only be a certain type and enter a certain class, so you turn out that way. ;)

    A basic break down though;

    Anything 14hh plus should be ridden with long boots, as should all large breed mountain and moorlands no matter the size. Over 15hh spurs are normal above county level, but never on a M&M. Under 25's cannot ride under 15handers at county level, except coloured and M&M classes.

    Show ponies and hacks wear navy. All other types take tweed, except in evening performances when a navy jacket is worn.

    Show ponies, hacks, intermediate show riding types (which are basically mini riding horses) and riding horses take show browbands. Show ponies and hacks can take more bling.

    Brown gloves, cane and tack across the board preferably.

    Natives (inc the coloured variety) aren't plaited or pulled, foreign breeds it depends on the breed. All other types are plaited, pulled and trimmed, or hogged in the case of show cobs.

    As a 16yo, you can do intermediate classes. For all ridden classes I would wear your hair in a bun, preferably without a scrunchie. At local level you'll have to find the type class of best fit - may be riding horse classes, hunter pony if split at 15hh, or even hunter classes.

    There is a distinction between a riding horse and a ridden horse. A ridden horse is anything over 14.2hh with a rider on it's back, a riding horse is a type in between hunters and hacks.
  6. puzzles

    puzzles New Member

    thank you so much - i'm now prnting this off!
    you're a * hun, very detailed + informative.
  7. Glider

    Glider New Member

    Daffy is spot on with her advice.

    At county level you have a few options open to you. There are obviously coloured classes, if he's a hunter type then show hunter pony classes, and if he's more of a riding horse or hack type then small intermediate show riding type classes, although coloureds are less accepted in these at the moment I'm afraid (though it is getting better slowly!), there's also working hunter pony classes if he jumps. You then get into the adult classes, if he's a hack type, then you'd do small hacks (15.1hh and under), or small riding horse or small hunter (all depending on his type). If you did have any pictures it would make it much easier to tell what he is/what he could do, but I know it's a bit tricky getting them up on here!

    Good luck with your showing.
  8. puzzles

    puzzles New Member

    ok, thank you all :-D
  9. danielle:>

    danielle:> New Member


    I know this is a bit of an old thread, but I wanted to ask something and didn't want to start a new thread :)
    Does this apply for children riding (I'm 14)? Valley is 14.1, and I will be riding her in pony classes (WHP, PC pony etc.). I assumed I would be wearing short brown jodhpur boots, but should I be in long boots? Also, can I get away with jodhpur boots and smart leather gaiters? I will probably only be doing a few local shows so I don't want to buy new boots. However, there is one bigger show which is of a quite high standard and I don't want to be wrongly turned out.

    Thanks :)

  10. Daffy Dilly

    Daffy Dilly New Member

    You could get away with short or long, but long will look better, and are more correct for bigger shows. The age thing only makes sense when you consider how much people under 16/18 grow!

    You'll need black short boots, but gaiters would be fine. Only advantage of short boots that I can see on a 14.1, is in an age restricted class where you want to appear as young and cute as possible for a bit of leeway from the judge! ;)
  11. danielle:>

    danielle:> New Member

    LOL, thanks for that :) . Another question, my hacking jacket is a lovely green caldene one, but it has no velvet collar. I don't know if I'm just being really, really picky here ;) but should it have a velvet collar on it? I think there are places you can get them and sow them on, am I right? Or am I just being fussy :p
  12. Glider

    Glider New Member

    Velvet collars are completely optional. They are more common in pony classes, but starting to be worn in horse classes too. Whether you want one is up to you, you can get ones to attach to your jacket from some of the showing/jacket shops.
  13. Daffy Dilly

    Daffy Dilly New Member

    If you do a search for Designer Browbands, they sell velvet collars for you to sew on. Bear in mind that hats should ideally be navy, and there are different shades of navy, so you want it all to match.

    Personally I wouldn't have any velvet on any of my jackets, but I know people who love it.

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