Up to date info on north east yards pls

Discussion in 'General' started by hacks 4 fun, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. hacks 4 fun

    hacks 4 fun New Member


    I'm new here :)

    I'm looking to move my neds in the next week or 2 and am looking for some up to date info on yards in and around chester le street and durham.

    I'd be REALLY grateful if anyone could offer any advice/opinions as I dont want to make the wrong move (my current yard near lanchester/langley park is great - just too far to travel... )

    I'd really welcome and info on Red Rose livery .... as it would be quite handy

    Thanks alot
  2. Stella2

    Stella2 New Member

    Hi, Can't comment on on Red Rose, but I'm at Cocken on the Plawsworth estate just along the road. I have been there on and off for 4 years and can recommend it. I recommended it to Alicat a few months ago. She moved her horse there and is very happy too. Cocken is full livery and there are 3 other yards on the estate that are DIY.

    If you want more information, let me know :)
  3. chapman2006

    chapman2006 Guest

    Red Rose is very expensive for what it has (in my opinion). at the min im at Neil elliots place in pelton its really nice and has a great atmosphere plenty of people to hack out with everyday. flood lit arena. and its only up the road from you. you can have either DIY or FULL. plenty of places to hack around and has got the old railway track which you can hack for miles and miles without crossing a single road. pm me if you want any more details.
  4. chapman2006

    chapman2006 Guest

    where abouts do you live?
  5. hacks 4 fun

    hacks 4 fun New Member

    Hello - I live in Birtley... but one of my horses sharers lives in langley park... so trying to find somewhere inbetween :confused:
  6. Stella2

    Stella2 New Member

    What are you looking for in a yard?
  7. hacks 4 fun

    hacks 4 fun New Member

    Ooooh that area would be good too - what are they like on price? and do they have a school?? , do they allow kids on the yard (12 and 13) they arent mine, but we get on well with 2 girls that have a horse where we are and they have said they'd like to come with us.

    Thanks alot :)
  8. hacks 4 fun

    hacks 4 fun New Member

    Hi Stella2,

    Am looking for somewhere DIY or Part livery, with at the least a good outdoor, and easily reached from both birtley and langley park (as one of my horses has a sharer) currently we pay £135 a month in winter to include turnout and haylage and 4 bags of shavings, which I think is a good price, its just too far away from where i live
  9. Stella2

    Stella2 New Member

    I'll pm you
  10. chapman2006

    chapman2006 Guest

    where im at in pelton is pracitcally right beside you. and its a nice yard if you every wanted i could show you round our yard.
  11. funkyfilly_sos

    funkyfilly_sos Brucie :)

    Hiya and Welcome to New Rider :)
    I cant give any advice on yards around that area even though I live in the North East I am yet to use a yard for a horse as I do not own one yet :(

    Anyways, have fun on new rider... I know youll love it here! :)
  12. Bengi1991

    Bengi1991 New Member

    I am at pelton too. My son Chapman2006 commented above. Our yard lets kids on it and I have 12, 13 and 16 years old. At the moment I think there is only grass livery though. But you can if he lets you move there put your name down for a stable .
  13. Bengi1991

    Bengi1991 New Member

    Forgot to give you prices .
    Small stable is £50 per month Large stable is £60 per month. Hay/Haylageand straw is around £17-20 per month for as much as you want
    Grass livery is £25 per month
  14. Gripper

    Gripper New Member

    Red Rose Livery is expensive, whilst they claim to have facilities most are unusable. Outdoor school has a poor surface and can only be used at certain times of the day (apparently, because it belongs to the house next door and not the livery yard) - also not lit. Indoor school - roof leaks, walls are badly damaged, surface is bordering on dangerous. Grazing is poor - unless your horse likes Ragwort. If this hasn't put you off I would strongly urge you speak to previous liveries regarding the so called standard of care given at Red Rose.

    Would strongly recommend going with any of the other yards mentioned already on this thread.
  15. hacks 4 fun

    hacks 4 fun New Member

    Hey thanks for this :eek: that doesnt sound too good ... far better I find anything like this out before i move
  16. Sparklie

    Sparklie Active Member

    everyone who has offered info on yards in durham and chester-le-street here can you PM me info on prices and facilities too please?

    Sorry to hi-jack your thread a bit Hacks 4 fun :eek:

    I've appllied for a job in chester-le-street so if it all works out I may want to be moving Twig into the area.
  17. hacks 4 fun

    hacks 4 fun New Member

    Hahaha not a prob at all :D

    I can recommend the yard I'm on at the mo.... just a bit too far out from where I live (I live in birtley - the yards in langley park) big indoor stone built stables, superb grazing with mares and geldings grazed seperately, good hacking, nice bunch of liveries, no issues with bullying in the fields by other horses...only slight downer is the school which gets heavy in winter. £145 a month in winter inc all haylage, 4 bags of shavings and morning turnout. £85 a month in summer for grazing and box.
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  18. hacks 4 fun

    hacks 4 fun New Member

    Hi Chapman2006,

    Thanks for the info... whats the school like? how big? round/square? surface etcetc ..and whats the grazing like?

    Sounds like a good yard... but it might be too far for one of my horses sharers and they get on pretty well so I dont want to put her off.... on the otherhand if teh facilities are good she may think its worth moving.

    Ta :)
  19. mogadoga

    mogadoga Louise

    What about Lambtons at the old animal park? Ive not been myself, although i have looked and would love to move but its too far :( But i know people there who love it. :)
  20. hacks 4 fun

    hacks 4 fun New Member

    oooooh wheres that !!???!

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