Vauxhall Frontera - Suitable tow car?

Discussion in 'General' started by eventerbabe, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. eventerbabe

    eventerbabe Active Member

    Does anyone here tow with a frontera? How are they on fuel economey and could they cope with towing a horse and a pony? My petrol-head mate has advised me to have a look at them because he reckons they'd be my best option for a tow vehicle as he says they aren't too expensive to maintain or run. I had a look at the kerbweights website and the frontera estate has a towing capacity of 2800kg, with the other models ranging from 2400 to 2600kg.

    i've roughly calculated that B&T weigh about 900kg combined, with another ton for a trailer. i'm just concerned that it may not have sufficient power to cope with towing almost on its towing limit and i don't want to buy a car then wreck it towing the guts out of it :rolleyes: :p

    please do not turn this into an argument, i've an old thread debating the merits of different vehicles but now i am asking specificall about fronteras. thanks :D
  2. dcp

    dcp New Member

    Have you done a search on yahoo or something? They look really nice it was something that I wanted to get but someone said thw worse thing vauxhall did was make a 4x4 but then they never really backed that up with any evidence so was probably just talking crap

    Is this going to be a vehicle just for towing or an every day one as well?
  3. cvb

    cvb Cucumber

    eventerbabe - if I remember right you shouldn't actually be towing up to 100% of the towing capacity.

    So I think the Frontera might be able to tow a really lightweight trailer with one pony, but anything else would be pushing it.

    We used to have a Honda CRV - which is a similar "class" and thats what we had worked out for it. Getting my fat-bottomed mare home, and maybe wanting to tow 2 at once meant an upgrade to a Trooper....
  4. eventerbabe

    eventerbabe Active Member

    the car will be for towing and every day use. i don't commute (walk to work ;) ) so if its a little thirsty thats not a huge issue.

    i'd never had a great impression of them BUT you get a lot more for your money with them and my mate said in his opinion they are good because the newer models have an isuzu engine in them.

    cvb - troopers are out, the insurance is crippling for me, which is why i was steered in the direction of the fronteras.
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  5. dcp

    dcp New Member

    Troopers don't eat to much fuel. I just stole this from a website

    "Meanwhile fans of diesel will not be disappointed, pick of the bunch is the 4 cylinder 3.0 litre engine introduced in May 1998. The 159bhp may not sound much but combine that with the 246lb/ft of torque at 2,000rpm and you have an ideal tow car with an ample 3,300KG towing weight limit."

    If that's any help to you. How exciting buying a new motor but probably quite stressful with all the choice
  6. eventerbabe

    eventerbabe Active Member

    Lauren, i've been tooing and frowing between lorries and changing my car to a 4x4 for ages!! its taken me such a long time to reach a decision. but i'm settled on getting a 4x4 now as its easier for me to store a trailer than a lorry.

    i was all set on a defender til i spoke to my friend and he was like :eek: :eek: he said i'd be better off with a frontera, as its a balance between being reasonable to maintain and having the power i need to tow. i'm so limited because insurance on anything like a trooper, navara or warrior is through the roof for me.

    is that comment about the frontera or trooper?
  7. LokiSofi

    LokiSofi New Member

    weird, I was about to post the same thread. I'm a member of a vauxhall owners club and have asked everyone there they all say fronteras are no good for towing and are apparently unreliable too. My bf had one and it was quite thirsty.
  8. dcp

    dcp New Member

    Oh sorry that was about the trooper. Yeah insurance never thought about that. I hear discovery's are good for towing you see a lot of them at shows. Have no idea insurance and fuel wise.

    Not sure what you budget is but there is a place in Edinburgh that does imports. My friend got a lovely pajero it's perfect condition and was cheap.
  9. *Sez*

    *Sez* Salsa & Solstice Twilight

    We're actually just about to buy a Frontera specifically for towing a trailer. It's meant to be a fairly good car and will tow a trailer with both horses in. We'll let you know how we get on with it :rolleyes:
  10. eventerbabe

    eventerbabe Active Member

    Cheers sez, would be great to know how you get on with one :)
  11. DavidH

    DavidH BSJA-Big Scarey Jump Asso

    YO had one (new) as company car to tow trailer. Not great, clutch went after 30,000 miles and various other problems. Personally wouldn't choose one to tow a horse trailer with.
    Now I know where you can lay your hands on a very nice cherokee and Ifor 505 ready to go ;)
  12. Fizz

    Fizz New Member

    ours tows fine,great car,tis huge inside:D
    our has a isuzu engine & it pulls better than my friends trooper.
    we have used it on the farm to tow sheep trailers etc & never had a problem:D
  13. teabiscuit

    teabiscuit Moooo

    I tow a 550kg horsey and an ifor williams 501 or 505 can never remember which it is, the smaller one!
    it's a frontera estate - the biggest model i think. (LWB i think is the technical term, thanks Fizz :))
    it does a good job-had it over a year, passed its mot first time, no repairs. it's a p reg.
    it's good in the snow, not tried it in muddy fields though so can't tell you about that.
    i'm really pleased with it because it was economical to buy, it does tha job i wanted it for, it runs quite cheap (diesel) and no repairs so far.
    insurance wasn't bad either.
    if you're on a budget like me it's a good option.
    lots of room inside too.
    eta we live in a hilly area and it copes fine with the hills too, i've never experienced a lack of guts with it, including the Ruallt hill.
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  14. cvb

    cvb Cucumber

    has a calculation based on a trooper part way down the page....

    other sites talk about the recommendation not to tow more than 85% of the maxiumum.

    I think this is because the weight at the hitch at a particular point in time could be higher if the horse shifts - and if you are right at your maximum, this might cause a problem.

    When we were looking there was a really useful review in one the magazines... I was having a look to see if it was online anywhere but I can't spot it... probably in "What towing" or somesuch ;)
  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I think it depends on which one you get, I have a 2L sportn SWB on an N plate, we have towed with it but it wasn't great. I think the newer LWB would be ok, although not sure in a muddy field.
  16. Fizz

    Fizz New Member

    ours is a lwb & as i said we have pulled sheep trailers with 20 sheep in it over the pentland hills,as lauren will tell you its def muddy :D we managed fine:D
  17. eventerbabe

    eventerbabe Active Member

    the general concensus (as far as the likes of Parkers etc. are concerned) seems to be that the post 1998 models are the ones to go for. i think it may be one to add to my list.
  18. Jessey

    Jessey Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't touch an early SWB frontera for towing, they had lots of problems and were renowned for being difficult to control and easy to roll :eek:

    As many say, I think the newer and bigger ones are fine.

    Have you looked at insurance on the L200 Mitsu? The warriors are stupid but I think those are very reasonable :eek:
  19. eventerbabe

    eventerbabe Active Member

    theres a natty little S-reg L200 for sale at one of our local 4x4 specialist garages and i've been quoted about £600 fully comp (give or take £50 ;) ). i know nothing about mitsubushi's although my friend says they are the most reliable and would be his choice of vehicle if he were in my position.
  20. Jessey

    Jessey Well-Known Member

    Just a thought, have your tried the Auto trader web site insurance search facility (you do have to register I think but it doesn't take long), I have found several times that it comes up with really good quotes and saves you doing loads of ringing around.
    You could also consider, if you are not useing it to commute etc you might be able to put it on a limited annual mileage which can dramatically reduce your premium.

    J x

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