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Discussion in 'Breeds, Colouring and Genetics' started by sjames86, May 10, 2010.

  1. sjames86

    sjames86 New Member

    You may know that i have been guessing at Rubys breeding since i had her.

    I have talked to loads of people and the most common suggestion was that she has some arab in her.

    Well with no way of proving it i have just been hopeful and pleased that there may be some beautiful arab in my girl.

    However today i had a new farrier come to shoe her and the conversation was as follows..

    farrier - 'what breed is she?'
    me - 'I dont really know to be honest'
    farrier - 'There is some arab in there for sure.'
    me - ' Really!? We did think that'
    farrier - 'Well she has typical arab feet.'


    That's good enough for me, lol :D:D

    Just wish i really knew what her breeding was, would be so interesting to find out.

    Sarah x

  2. tbaynancy

    tbaynancy Active Member

    She's beautiful!
  3. Luna Corona

    Luna Corona New Member

    Typical Arab feet = farrier tools blunted quicker!

    How far back can you trace her past owners? What is she like at a trot? She's certainly very bonny. I am also admiring your field fencing :D
  4. me_n_super_abby

    me_n_super_abby New Member

    Shes gorgeous what ever she is :D

    Im not good on Arabs, what about the ears, doesn't she araby ears?? :confused:

    I bet someone will laugh, its what i always think when i see them, they nearly touch sometimes :rolleyes:
  5. sjames86

    sjames86 New Member

    I know she was imorted from belgium, but i dont know who by and when. Previous owner i can trace didnt know either!

    She does have very elevated flashy paces and a really lovely walk that always tracks up.

    The farrier has said in two more pairs of shoes she can go barefoot as her feet are that good.

    As for fencing - all our fields have full post and rail with electric fencing and metal gates. We have a new horse here who is a windsucker and he broke the fence, within the hour the carpenter was out fixing it! That's why i like this yard, lovely safe fencing.:D

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