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Discussion in '2000 Archive of Posts' started by harpo, Jun 19, 2000.

  1. harpo

    harpo New Member


    I have been riding (English) for about 10 years and am interested in trying western style riding. Could anyone could recommend good locations in the UK?
  2. sophie

    sophie New Member

    i found a place in devon but i can't remember exactly where. if you take a look in travel agents there might be brochers in the same place as ranch holidays. hope thats helped?!
  3. Mossy

    Mossy New Member

    There is a place Tavistock. Okehampton way in Devon who have just started up. I saw them whilst they were testing the rides and the horses are spectacular, real lookers, but I am hanged if I can remember the name. It could be White something or other. They are on the net and have a web site but cheap they ain't!
    Have fun if you find it
  4. Rebecca

    Rebecca New Member

    I don't know where you're based, but here in East Anglia there is quite a lot of Western Riding around. (Also line dancing and general cowboy type stuff, don't ask me why.) You could have a look at http://www.anglianactivities.co.uk and search for riding, but I have never tried this place so I don't know if the school's any good. This area is an easy journey from London.
    If you did want to pursue Western Riding in this region there is a Western masterclass in Absolute Horse, the local horse mag, and the author prints her telephone number, saying she'd always be delighted to give advice. She could presumably recommend a place, but I don't want to put the number on the web, so e-mail me privately and I'll send it to you.
  5. sophie

    sophie New Member

    found some!

    national reining horse association of great britain
    burnt ash
    sheep street lane
    east sussex
    tn19 7ay

    western horsemanship association of great britain
    the clumps
    tw15 1at

    they might give u some info.
  6. JCB

    JCB New Member

    White Tor stables on Dartmoor is the one some of you are thinking of - don't have a number to hand unfortunately but have a friend who went there and said they were very good. They used to do english riding but now have changed hands and do western riding holidays on quarterhorses (I believe). Hope this is of help.
  7. Rachel R

    Rachel R New Member

    There is also the Avenue Riding centre in Malvern, run by Sheila Whelan. If you are interested post a reply and I will look up the number for you.

  8. Mossy

    Mossy New Member

    Yes it is White Tor. Thanks. It's been bugging me ever since. Are you based In West Devon, Corwall by any chance?
  9. Anna.C

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  10. czar

    czar New Member

    Any in Redditch? - or near!

    Please let me know! LOL
  11. intouch

    intouch New Member

    Just found this today - http://www.aqha.com - some info about GB and lots about quarter horses.
  12. harpo

    harpo New Member

    Thanx for all your replies! :)

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