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Discussion in 'Western' started by Melinda, Apr 8, 2004.

  1. Melinda

    Melinda New Member

    I am thinking of trying western riding. I share a horse and the owner is also very keen.

    Where do we start? We are reading up on it as much as we can, as obviously we dont want to dive in and spend fortunes on all the gear and then not like it. (although from reading through here, Im sure we will love it!)

    Any info on how to start will be appreciated.

    Also, how do I find any trainers, demos, etc in my area? I live in Essex and Ive looked on the internet but cant seem to find anything!


    Mel :)
  2. Epona UK

    Epona UK New Member

    Take a look on www.wes-uk.com there is a list of Instructors, including one in Essex:D

  3. western

    western New Member

    Sounds like a very good idea, and you will have a very fun time western riding. When i first started i just got the basic tack like the western saddle , blanket, bit that the horse uses and the bridle. I have been riding western for 4 years and love it, i have also rode english once and love that too. And hopefully to do more of english later on in life, but still i would do both. I am not shure on what things that you are like doing, are you just trail riding, hacking ? If you plan to show then later on you will have to pend some bucks. Maybe the owner could help you on your first time. When i first rode western i had a friend help me and show me the proper way to put on the tack.
  4. doris

    doris New Member

    If you buy a copy of Essex Rider, you will see an article by Ashley Watts, he lives in Essex, Rayleigh area I think? He gives his phone number for people to contact him if they are interested in Western Riding. He came out to my two mares to check the saddles and give me a lesson on the horses and their saddles. He was very helpful and nice.
    I think a local yard, near Colchester, at Layer Marney are having shows this season, and I think they are having some western classes. You would probable be interested in taking a look. The address for schedules and 2004 show dates is also in Essex Rider this month.
    If you cannot find a copy and would like the phone numbers, post a reply and I will dig them out for you.
  5. Melinda

    Melinda New Member

    Thanks! I will go and buy Essex Rider now!

    :D :D

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