what are your irrational fears?

Discussion in 'Confidence Club' started by notpoodle, May 1, 2011.

  1. ashesnlp

    ashesnlp New Member

    Wow, sounds like the sort of amid life crisis to have! Go for it.
    The ony person who might think you are stupid is you - I bet everyone else admires you (and envies too!).

    I was riding ponies in my 40s - nowt like it. My Riley is a big pony - sure acts like one!

  2. Trewsers

    Trewsers Well-Known Member

    It isn't always feeling that I will be sick, it is sort of hard to explain, but I feel as though I might "choke". Absolutely ridiculous when talked about in the cold light of day, and on my own with OH, but I honestly can't see a cure for it. We never eat out any longer, it used to be such a waste of money for one thing! When I'm really stressed I can't even manage to eat with OH. :frown:
  3. Praecelsus

    Praecelsus New Member

    Most things to do with horses after my accident. I have to consciously stop myself having a panic attack when I just sit on a horse. Moving up a gear to walk makes it worse, and then to trot even worse. I'm only ok with two horses at the moment and even then I'm fret going above a trot and forget to breath. I love horses and am very passionate about them but right now they put an almighty fear into me.

    It's the loss of control I fear. Nothing specific like falling off, just not being in control or feeling in control at all times.
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  4. Roxy's Mum

    Roxy's Mum New Member

    There are balloons all over our offices today :cry: :help:

    It's E Day here at work (environmental day) to try & make us more green & conscious of effects on the environment so they've tried great big green balloons to the recycling bins EVERYWHERE.

    Now, people may laugh. But if there were tanks of tarantulas, snakes, insects or other arachnids around people would kick up a fuss about not being able to relax properly at work. I feel stressed.
  5. Trewsers

    Trewsers Well-Known Member

    Oh dear Roxy. It is awful when something upsets you at work. I know if people were drinking coffee near paperclips - or if I was eating my lunch at my desk near staples etc, I'd not be happy. Sounds ridiculous to a lot of folk.

    Wretched balloons......OH isn't keen on 'em, he hates the popping......
  6. oldbushy

    oldbushy New Member

    I hate riding on bitumen. I worry my horse will slip. And of course the old fear of a foot being caught in the stirrup. If Im having a nervous day I ride bareback I always feel safer. I'm weird!:redface:
  7. un1corn

    un1corn New Member

    If I put all my fears down here the men in the lovely white coats would be banging on my door!

    A lot already wrote is way to familiar :D
  8. sjp1

    sjp1 Well-Known Member

    Rats are my fear. I scream if I see one, and as there are a fair few at the farm, I always clap my hands when going into the barn. If I see one in a certain area, I find it extremely hard to return there.

    There was one that shot out from underneath a cupboard in the lambing kitchen. I have to go in there every day, either to make milk for the tame lambs, or get water and I kick on the side of the wooden wall every day.

    Sad aren't I!!!!

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