What car do you drive?

Discussion in 'Transport and Travelling' started by ladyamber, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. ladyamber

    ladyamber New Member

    I am getting more and more involved in the horsey life :D which is fab but my car is just not suitable:( I have a coupe cabriolet - lovely car but not for driving up a farm track to the yard:eek:

    What car do you have for going to the yard? And is it still suitable for going to work, assuming you work somewhere completely different to the yard e.g. an office?

    I am thinking of getting something a bit more practical and like the look of the Shogun Pinin as I dont want anything too big...

    What do you think?
  2. Palomino Mare

    Palomino Mare New Member

    i had a VW polo called smurf, the boot was huge for horsey stuff and there was plenty off room inside the car for overspill;) those who have seen the car will confirm it was kept like a tip and it was unsuprising that in december 2008 it was laid to rest at only 6years old due to my treatment of it (driving down potted lanes like they were smooth roads).

    i could have gotten a 4x4 or a better VW but i then saw my dream car in the showroom so i had to have it!! i now have a mini cooper s called elf, my reasoning was that the suspension is better than the polo and as i have always wanted one i treat it alot better than the polo!! - i drive round teh pot holes now;)
  3. Claire_Bert

    Claire_Bert New Member

    I used to have a Disco but it wasnt ideal working in an office and meeting customers! ive got an audi a4 estate now, good car for work and up the yard and also great to tow with....:)
  4. fisher1

    fisher1 New Member

    I have an A3..... and it does ok for both the yard and for work, although i do have to clean it more often now that i do use it to go to the yard in.....:eek:
  5. xJenniferx

    xJenniferx Guest

    Just picked up a new Vauxhall astra 1.8 today. :D :D :D He is called Arnie

    Looked at 4x4's but the fuel economy was rubbish and I wanted something bigger. Was crying when I left my VW Polo, Florence in the forecourt, but I have convinced myself that she no longer wants to put up with all the rubbish going in her boot. She needs the quiet life now.

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  6. ToG

    ToG New Member

    i have a Mazda MX-5 (2 seater soft top) with lightweight aftermarket alloys, aftermarket duel exit exhaust & lowered suspension.

    I wouldn't change it for anything!!!!

    I can get 3 or 4 bags of feed in (2 in boot, 2 in passenger seat) pitch forks, shavings forks, buckets. Practically everything i could need to buy from a saddlery fits in.

    Functional and totally gorgeous :D

    The only thing it won't do, is deep pot holes - so i avoid them which isnt hard :)
  7. kclarke

    kclarke *rioghachd*millie*troy*

    i have a black mini cooper called dinky. i love him to death but he's just not big enough! what posessed a woman with an OH, small child, german shepherd and 4 horses to buy a mini cooper i still dont know! he manages the roads to the horses fine even in the snow but i have to put a back seat down for the dog or to get more than one saddle in! oh, and no chance of towing! but i still adore him! :D
  8. acw295

    acw295 New Member

    Focus 1.8tdci Ghia

    Not very exciting but has a bit of go in it and costs very little to run. It is minging though inside as always full of mud and hay. Decent boot space for a fairly small car too :)

    I an ideal world I'd have a disco - but as I am skint and house needs money spent on it first that is never going to happen :(
  9. joey_olop

    joey_olop I Love My Olops!!!!!

    I have a VTR Saxo & it is so unsuitable for this horse business & now it just resembles a tack room inside, complete with mud & sweat :D
    Poor lickle car :D
  10. capalldubh

    capalldubh New Member

    I used to drive the car I shared with OH, which was a low slung sports version of the Saab 93, with fancy alloy wheels and low profile tyres. After a particularly bad trip to the yard where I managed to burst two tyres simultaneously in a large Renfrewshire pothole, we decided I needed my own car. (We still regularly burst tyres on the Saab, just not really the sort of car you need when you live up an unsurfaced track in the countryside).

    A friend kindly donated her old Fiat, which I drove until it died last year. I then went shopping - aim was to get a small car, with mpg in the 50s which would carry a saddle in the boot :) I did actually go around car showrooms with my saddle, trying out various models :eek:

    In the end, I got a Fiat Panda last July, which neatly fits a Robinson's saddle holder in the boot (as well as feed buckets, haylage bales, and assorted grot which I seem to need :rolleyes:). It already looks about 10 years old - I often see people doing double takes when they see the 08 reg plate :D Poor wee car - but it does get 50mpg ;)
  11. JLP

    JLP New Member

    I have a Peugeot 206, perfect for a horsey lifestyle, IMO.

    I keep the back seats down for the dog so loads of room for bags of feed etc, incredibly cheap to run/tax/insure and not a total embarassment to roll up to work (an office) in.

    Highly recommended! :)
  12. BabyBear

    BabyBear New Member

    Nissan Xtrail 2.2 DCI sport - fab for towing, great fuel economy and lots of space for all my crap!:p
  13. emmathechief

    emmathechief Wahoooooooooo!

    I have Percy... Seat Ibiza. Very plain, simple, easy and cheap to run!

    Used to have a Honda Civic Type-R (Cyril). Scratched all the inside of the boot and the dashboard, wedging various horsey items in! Hey ho!!
  14. NatalieR

    NatalieR RIP Bruno-Love ya foreva

    well i have an imaginary aston martin V8 Vantage coupe in either toro red or mariana blue, a porsche 911 , an lamborghini Gallardo, the Torchwood range rover and a peugeot :)
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  15. BIrish

    BIrish New Member

    We have two as I only use the 4x4 for horse/dog/yard related duties to save on fuel.

    Car 1 - Seat Ibiza 16v GTI (tis a wicked little machine! I love it)
    Car 2 - Commercial Jeep Cherokee 2.8TDI. Commercial Jeeps are massively cheaper to tax & insure and have acres of room as no back seats etc.
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  16. Rokx

    Rokx New Member

    I drive a vauxhall corsa, it's suprisingly resilient! We live off road down a bumpy track and I use it to carry heavy bags of feed and stuff too. It fits quite a lot in, but the loading people at countrywide always give it a suspicious look when I give them my long list of feed, but it does fit them all in :p

    When OH learns to drive, he's hopefully going to be buying it off me so I can buy a 4x4, but will still be using the corsa for everyday stuff to save on fuel!
  17. Tanyajayne

    Tanyajayne New Member

    Vauxhall Zafira.

    It's great loads of room for horsey things and OK on fuel, its also pretty good off road as long as it's not too wet.
  18. Toyota Rav 4; 3 door; 5 seats

    Great for everything!!!

    Although the boot isn't very big, but I fold down the backseats, so that I have more room!
  19. Heucherella

    Heucherella Horse Hugger!

    VW Touran, a small people carrier similar to the Zafira. It has a massive amount of room inside, can carry 7 adults to and from the pub, which makes you popular ;) and does 43 mpg (diesel). And it tows like a dream. I'd still like a 4 x 4 though :rolleyes:
  20. Jen_e_Jen

    Jen_e_Jen Jackson's Mama

    92 Chevy Silverado Mark III. I got it for a steal. It's a bit of a gas guzzler but the 350 engine will haul a LOT. Seats 6 because of the extended cab and middle seat in the front.

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