What do you and your horse wear for showjumping?

Discussion in 'Competing' started by Rosbrin, Sep 9, 2003.


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  1. Rosbrin

    Rosbrin New Member

    Sep 9, 2003
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    My horse Rosbrin is a 15hh Mahogany Bay 10 yr old 1/4 TB 3/4 Arab gelding. He has a small star and no other markings.

    He wears:

    Tan coloured SJ saddle with black knee/thigh rolls and black seat
    Tan stubben leathers
    Stubben stirrups
    Black leather girth
    Tan coloured Mark Todd Mexican Grackle competition bridle.
    D-ring jointed snaffle with copper rollers
    Tan coloured Breastplate with martingale attachment
    White saddle cloth bound navy then Gold/Yellow with Gold/Yellow writing 'ROSBRIN' one side my name the other.
    Nuu-med saddle pad (big fluffy white one)
    Veredus Pro-lite Open front tendon boots in white
    Veredus Pro-lite Fetlock boots in white

    I wear:

    Mountain Horse Sportive Rider Long Show Boots
    White Mountain Horse jods with seat
    Euro-star Navy Showjacket with Gold/Yellow collar
    Stock shirt with navy gold check sleeves
    Navy gloves
    Navy JTE showjumper hat with shiny panel down front

    So thats us. I'm just interested to know what people wear when they are competing in SJing?

    I know what your thinking, I'm one of those SJqueens, the ones that tog their horses and themselves right up and then go in and do crap, but generally he is a good boy and has earnt his stuff. Plus I bought this stuff over a period of time, and it makes me feel confident which I feel helps me do well.

    What do you/your horse wear?

  2. maverick927

    maverick927 A Horse Mad FEMALE

    Jun 5, 2002
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    I'm not just quite up top like that, but i work hard to keep everything in budget.

    Maverick wears :

    Black wintec 16.5" saddle
    Stirrups leathers (don't know what kind, they were on sale)
    Cheap stirrup irons
    Black John Whitaker stud guard girth
    English leather bridle (bits and bobs from different makers)
    Full cheek jointed snaffle
    Black Nuu-med numnah (however I am getting a top pony numnah made soon)
    Sausage boot
    Eskadron brushing and fetlock boots (black)

    I wear:

    Mountain horse johdpur boots and chaps
    Beige Caldene Johdpurs
    black show jacket that i picked up from a car boot sale
    T-shirt with bib (the ones you attach around your neck with velcro and only cost £4)
    black mountain horse gloves
    Jockey skull with velvet cover.

    P.S you should post a picture robsin as i bet you look fantasitc. I take it you do registered SJ. I only do the local stuff and they accept you if pink jodpurs and fluffy hats if thats what you into :D
  3. honcy

    honcy New Member

    Aug 14, 2003
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    Me and Ollie do unaff and affiliated sj.

    He wears:

    Black wintec close contact
    John whitaker super deluxe bridle (grakle)
    Prestige stud guard
    Dutch gag
    JW burgundy saddlecloth with his show name
    Mattes fluffy saddle pad
    Tendon, fetlock and over-reach boots

    I wear:

    John Whitaker show jacket (navy)
    White stock shirt
    Either white or beige Jods
    Mountain Horse sports boots with tredstep gaiters
    GPA Titium hat
  4. Cochise

    Cochise Moderator

    Jun 3, 2002
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    Cheeky wears
    Wintec 2000 GP
    White saddle blanket
    Open front jumping boots
    Bridlle with webbed reins
    Hind leg anklet boots
    Eggbutt snaffle

    I wear
    Black jacket,
    White stock
    Beige jodhs
    Black boots
    Gold stockpin
    Black velvet covered helmet

    We do NZEF (affiliated) jumping. What is a show jumping queen? I don't think that we have stereotypes like that in New Zealand.
  5. Fuzz and This

    Fuzz and This I love my golden oldies!

    Jul 31, 2003
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    Fuzzy wears:

    -Brown wintec saddle with leathers to match
    -Stubben irons
    -brown stubben bridle with green and black browband, or silver and green browband or pink and silver browband
    -happy mouth eggbutt snaffle
    -green numnah, or white numnah with gold and green piping or pink numnah
    -black or white girth
    -green or white woof wear brushing boots
    -black or white over reach petals

    I wear:

    -White French sport (or whatever thier called lol) jhodpurs
    -White sleeveless dublin shirt
    -white stock with pins
    -black harry hall show jacket
    -black leather gloves
    -Just toggs jhodpur boots
    -half chaps
    -JTE showjumper hat
  6. Fuzz and This

    Fuzz and This I love my golden oldies!

    Jul 31, 2003
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    I don't take Thistle and Jan-gre to shows much now (thistle too old, he is 45! and Jan-gre is a nutter)

    Thistle wears:

    -Black studded in-hand bridle with brass egbutt snaffle

    Jan-gre wears:

    -either a blue or brown numnah
    -brown flash bridle
    -brown saddle
    -black girth and /or brown girth sleeve
    -red ribbon in her tail!!
  7. shaka

    shaka New Member

    Jul 22, 2003
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    This is quite odd! Note the quality of stuff shaka has then look at Charlie! I do unaff with Shaka at about 2'9"-3', and with Charlie unaff, but building up to BSJA
    With Shaka Zulu:
    GFS fieldhouse SJ/GP saddle

    Kieffer black and white bridle (black with white noseband and headband)
    Agra running Martingale
    Woof brushing boots
    Weatherbeeta overreach velcro.
    Eggbutt snaffle or Dutch gag.
    sometimes studs.

    I have: (apart from obv like underwear!)
    beige caldene jods
    white shirt
    caldene show jacket
    PC tie
    gold horseshoe tiepin
    Toggi boots
    Stubben spurs
    caldene (?) jumping bat

    Malibu Sands
    Thoroughgood synthetic saddle
    BS bridle
    about 50yro english hackamore
    or eggbutt frenchlink

    Beige jods
    white shirt
    PC tie
    safety pin
    show jacket
  8. DITZ

    DITZ New Member

    Dec 31, 2002
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    Interesting post this. I havent done a show yet but am almost there and its been worrying me what to wear and how posh to look. I have been amassing a few bits and trying to keep them for best so that they at least look clean! I had to buy new beige jods as my other 2 pairs both had grass stains on and I have a black jacket which isnt at all a show jacket but I reckon I could get away with it. I bougt it from Oasis years ago and it is the same style as a show jacket, double rear vent, single breasted, bum length but it doesnt have gold buttons or a velvet collar. Do you think anyone will know??? I have a stock and pin but no shirt (i reckon i could get away with a plain shirt though.

    As for horse, I was thinking about buying a new bridle because the one i use on a daily basis might not look smart enough.

    I think i also will fall into the category of looking good, performing crap!

    I am so nervous about my first show i keep putting it off (i am only doing a local beginners class!!) can anyone tell me what to expect? Do i have to maintain a beautiful controlled canter all the way round just 'popping over' jumps as they come in my way???? If so the spectators are going to be in for a treat!!!

    And why does 2'6 look perfectly acceptable on a tape measure at home but not as a fence??
  9. WelshJumper

    WelshJumper New Member

    Jan 14, 2002
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    Umm have 5 horses so all difrant so what I use, saddles veary!

    Horse{s} have -

    Tan Applossa jumping saddle - or loveson and rickkets jumping saddle
    Green piped yellow saddle cloth
    Brown stud girth - or leather girth with removable stud gard, when sutds are in use.
    Tendon boots and fetlock boots - over reach boots for those who need them!

    Me -

    Black leather boots
    Whtie or creem Jods
    White shirt
    White tie or stock
    Green jacket
    Green Hat
    Hair net
    Leather jumping whip
    spurs when needed - for what difrant horses
  10. virtuallyhorses

    virtuallyhorses NZ TB owner

    Mar 1, 2002
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    Full body armour and a parachute.... :D
  11. bsjajumper

    bsjajumper New Member

    Jul 23, 2003
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    My Grade C wears:
    John whittaker tan close contact saddle with matching stirrups leathers
    bent leg irons(for safety!)
    mark todd tan bridle(flash noseband)
    mark todd breastplate with running martingale attachement
    veredus tendon and fetlock boots in tan leather
    velvet saddle cloth with my sponsors name on (design-a-stitch)
    I wear:
    whittaker(ellen) black jumping jacket
    GPA titanium hat (very comfy!!!)
    cavello full seat cream breeches(dont stay cream for very long!!)
    my lucky knickers!!!!
    my lucky burgundy crop that ive had since I was 12!(over 10 years old now!)
    Regent long leather boots
    kyra k white shirt-no stock
    sure grip glves by charles and owen
    my horse head cufflinks given to my by my aunty that has passed away(i take them for luck)
    My dog-smudge a westie-im sure he brings me luck!!!

    I am very lucky to be sponsored for tack and clothing by a local company. but some of the stuff I have brought- my biggest buy that i brought myself was my veredus tendon and fetlock boots in tan-i desperatly wanted tan to match the tack and they cost nearly £200 for the set(my boyfriend went mad!!!), my mare is worht every penny though!
    she will be moving to grade B shortly so hopefully that gives me an excuse to treat her again!
  12. shaka

    shaka New Member

    Jul 22, 2003
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    see, us poor folk cant afford brand name saddles etc .........................lol:D
  13. Showjumper03

    Showjumper03 ~Jimmy's MuM~

    Oct 4, 2003
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    Um im cant really remember what we wear but ill give it a shot!
    Jimmy wears:
    1:A black Thorowgood saddle I think?(Ill cheak later)
    2:matching leathers
    3:metal stirrup irons
    4: a fancy stitched bridle- black and a flash noseband
    5: Dee ring snaffle
    5: Overlay girth
    6: jumping boots
    7:and a shedrow saddle pad

    I wear:
    1: A devon aire Aegis with velvet show cover ( I dont always wear the cover
    2: Tuff rider cream sand color breeches
    3: Sometimes my show coat and show shirt( or if not a big show a regular tighter fitting shirt
    4: Tall leather boots-but im getting half chaps
    5: Gripping gloves
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  14. showjumperchick

    showjumperchick New Member

    Oct 17, 2003
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    royalty k wears:

    an equiport rolled leather flash bridle in australian nut, with a matching martingale
    john whitaker breastplate
    pessoa sj saddle with equiport bonded stirrup leathers
    equiport stud girth
    eskadron tendon and fetlock boots with fluffy lining
    john whitaker velvet saddlecloth -navy edged navy and gold
    navy and gold ear muffs

    emerald super star wears:

    equiport padded clip bridle
    john whitaker breastplate and running martingale
    pessoa saddle with equiport bonded stirrup leathers
    prestige stud girth
    leather tendon boots
    eskadron fetlock boots
    john whitaker saddlecloth -navy edged navy and gold
    navy and gold ear muffs

    i wear:
    gpa hat
    pikeur jacket
    selection of john whitaker coloured checked shirts
    pikeur white johdpurs
    long john whitaker boots with zips and laces
    leather gloves
    stuben spurs
  15. showjumper_de

    showjumper_de jumping gal

    Nov 20, 2003
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    Ted: black Subben close contact jumping saddle, stubben snaffle bridle, pelham bit- double stubben reins, stubben stirrups and lethers (black obviously) stubben stud guard girth, johan whittaker front tendon boots and JW fetlack boots, JW saddle cloth with my name on one side and FARO on the other!

    Heini: used to have stubben jumping saddle, now has torsion jumping treeless saddle (stubben stirrups and lethers, with stubben stud guard girth, stubben bridle (all black) no boots worn- (medicine tendon boots for schooling)

    Meeko (just got her new tack) havvana pessoa bridle, close contact jumping saddle and matching stirrups and lethers... has fluffy white clarendon competition boots!!!


    all sarah's guys either have pessoa or stubben tack! but horses too numerous to metion them all!!!


    pikeur jodhs- white sticky bum!!!
    REGENT lether boots (black)
    for un aff shows JTE black hat
    for aff shows GPA titanium- recently replaced the bog standard!! black GPA
    for XC skull cap with red and balack XC colours... and matching jumper
    any way bak to showjumping!!

    Showjumping shirt with name on collar (unaff comps wear stock!)
    new-pikeur black showjump kacket with silver trim. pretend buttons! (used to have navy blue jacket!!

    for un aff i usually wear y dublin hacking juacket!!!

    think that just about covers it

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  16. horsecazysuzi

    horsecazysuzi New Member

    Nov 24, 2003
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    when im showjumping i wear shirt and tie or stock with plain navy/jacket with velvet collar and wear a showjumping saddle clothe with horses name and my name and jumpin saddle. Brushing boots and overreach boots and sometimes bandages
  17. S_F_S

    S_F_S Guest

    Oh dear oh dear I AM going to dissapoint :D

    Right-ho; we have...

    Bridle- not matching, made out of spare tack found around the yard.
    Black keiffer saddle
    Brown stirrup leathers
    Any old numnah- either NU-med or white saddle cloth
    Leather girth
    2nd hand tendon boots I bought for £5

    I have:

    Breeches- dont have any fancy 'name' but very nice
    Mears tweed jacket
    Long black boots- forget the name again. (I am HOPELESS_ I'll never make an equestrian diva!)
    Yellow shirt
    Green tie
    Green hat

    Not very imporessive is it? But hey- I'm happy, it fits, it works- who cares if it doesnt have expensive fancy names? :D

    And look- I'm so cheap, I don't even have a head!!

    Saffie and me WH
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  18. Esther.D

    Esther.D Moderator

    Jan 3, 2003
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    Scraffie - nice to know that someone else admits to using any old numnah etc and bits and bobs of tack. Although I don't showjump so am slightly off topic here, poor Rupert wears Mac's cast off headcollar (Mac is 9.3hh, Rupert 13.2hh but they have similar sized heads!) he also has the shetlands old pony size numnah, my old pony Storm's girth (which is 15yrs old, but Rupert put on too much weight to fit his nice new one!), and he did have parts of Storm's old bridle but now has a libby's webbing one all of his own:D He does have his own saddle as well:) (a Wintec 500)
  19. Rosanna

    Rosanna Ernie rules!!!

    Dec 3, 2003
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    Ernie wears

    - Guinness' Wintec 2000 GP (the saddler's had his saddle for over 10 weeks!! grrrrrrr !!)
    - Thoroughgood shaped elastic girth
    - white saddlecloth with black and gold binding, on sale at Olympia, £12 bargain
    - sports medicine boots (ancient, chewed by dog, stitching all undone)
    - overreach boots
    - bridle made of odds and ends of other bridles, its so old noone has ever noticed its brown and not black)
    - running martingale
    - loose ring happy mouth snaffle
    - studs (always if on grass)

    I wear
    - white/sometimes beige Caldene jods
    - black jod boots
    - black very cheap leather gaiters
    - black gloves
    - hairnet
    - white shirt
    - pc tie + tie pin
    - Charled Owen Showjumper 2000 hat (too small !!)
    - no body protector (can't stand them)
  20. Rosanna

    Rosanna Ernie rules!!!

    Dec 3, 2003
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    refer to pic in cafe area, "pics of ernie"

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