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Discussion in 'Exam Training and Careers' started by Lonestar, May 1, 2009.

  1. Lonestar

    Lonestar Bluey Manai

    I have been pondering over and over again about what I want to do with my life (quite literally for the future!)
    I have always, always wanted to be a photographer- so for my AS courses I chose photography, sociology, business studies (2 years) and art.

    If, and a big if at that, I get a good grading on all of these studies which I will be doing - should I take the plunge and become a photographer?
    Would I have to go to college/Uni to get a grading for it or whatever?
    Where do I start?

    What sort of camera would I need for good quality shots? - I have a limit of £400 which I can spend on camera/equipment etc which my dad put into my account which was specifically for my AS things that I need.

    Would you go for being a photographer?
    The people who are already photographers, would you reccomend and how did you get there and what sort of photography do you do? Is it good pay? Do you also have another job alongside that?

    Thanks and sorry for the 50 questions :eek:.
  2. horseygal90

    horseygal90 Going

    Photography is unfortunatly one of those businesses where there are loads of mediocre/ok photographers and very few GREAT photographers! Work can often be hard to come by because you're relying on people liking what you do to get paid. And again, unless you're very good - you're not going to get as big a client base.

    You can go to uni to study photography, however you'll find that the majority of professional photographers (possibly with the exception of proper, country/world level sports photographers) won't have a degree, just a passion and love for what they do. I'd suggest try and get a job as a photographers assistant, you'll probably find yourself running around a show ground carrying a monopod and two heavy DSLRs that are worth £1000 each in the rain but it'll be good experience, if you want to go into sports/horse show photography.

    http://photography-on-the.net/forum/index.php? is a good forum to look at, yes it's a Canon biased forum but you have a wide range of people on there from hobbyists to people who regularly sell their photos to Nat. Geographic ;) Most people on there would support the view that you have to be very good to get anywhere fast and you have to be *incredibly* dedicated.

    It also takes quite a lot to set up to a professional level, £400 could get you a nice used Canon 450D with kit lens, if you can get another couple of hundred you could get a new one (not sure what the current model is, sorry) or a used one and some nice lenses. Unfortunatly the lenses that you'll find most of the professionals using are £1000 pieces of glass... sat on a £1000 body :eek:
  3. hot.to.trot

    hot.to.trot Guest

    i would go to uni an dtake pictures for fun,, then if you get soem good quality shots sell them at car boots, tack sales tack shops internet etc to see if the public like thme?
  4. beanz's mum

    beanz's mum Kilmucklin Girl

    agree with horseygal90. I think it takes alot of work to become a good photographer, you need to know what you want out of your shots, you need to understand how a camera can capture a snapshot of someone but its not really them, and all other little theorys like that.

    and you need a bit more money to get all the good equipment.

    i love photography but wouldnt venture into it... too complex for the likes of me :eek: id rather just be ordered aroundby the camera people lol

    good luck with your studies though :)
  5. Lonestar

    Lonestar Bluey Manai

    Thanks Horseygal90 - some very good information there.
    I agree that £400 is not really going to get me anywhere atm! I am thinking of getting a good and decent camera for my photography AS - what sort would you say is best for this?
    I have applied to help out a photographer for whenever he needs someone to carry his stuff/take pictures when he cant (say an ODE, someone to do the SJ and someone to do the XC etc etc)/print pictures for people at the show when he is taking the pictures.

    I am currently saving up for a little bit more money- I am putting £50 a week away for a decent camera/equipment.
    I have around about £350 at the moment saved + the money which my dad gave me, which ends up with £750 atm, I will be saving up until september- so it would be quite a bit of money! (could definately get a horse.. but its my future..damn!).

    I am definately wanting to do sports events (mainly horse shows) - I have took pictures of friends at shows with my *not so decent and fairly cr*p camera*, and I have printed them off and gave them to my friends, which they gave me a £5 for.

    I will show you the pics to see if I am good enough for it?
  6. titch_

    titch_ New Member

    My 450d was £550!
  7. Lonestar

    Lonestar Bluey Manai

    Where from?
    How good is the quality of the pics?

  8. horseygal90

    horseygal90 Going

    Seems like you're getting off to the right start, £750 will get you a decent amount of kit! I'd make sure you're absolutly certain you want to go ahead and try to make a career of it before you spend it all though - Say £550 for the camera, then another £200/£300 for a decent telephoto lens should be enough to start with. I'm sure the guy you're working with will be more than happy to give you some advice on kit though :)

    Would love to see some of your pictures, with sports photography it's all about timing and experience. :)
  9. Lonestar

    Lonestar Bluey Manai

    This is the guys website in the meantime ... just uploading a couple of pictures to photobucket and it is taking an age!

    http://www.eventsphotos.co.uk/ - click on 'Photo Sales'
  10. Kate&TheHerd

    Kate&TheHerd Guest

    ditto horseygal really. after i had done my foundation course i couldnt decided whether to do a degree in fine art or graphic design. i love drawing (as you do photography), but did my degree in graphic design...because in real life its hard to get work and you can only really be freelance which is mega work but also achievable. to be honest even IF you are brilliant its still hard. i suggest doing it as a side line job. its like i have my grahic design job yet i still am able to draw, now and again!
  11. titch_

    titch_ New Member

    Jessops and yeah :D there was a thread about cameras with pics on :)
  12. Lonestar

    Lonestar Bluey Manai

    Here are some pics I took of my cousin a couple of months ago - I wont get blurred pictures with a decent camera right??!


    I have loads more..... one second.
  13. horseygal90

    horseygal90 Going

    Looks like you've got timing down, which is great! I'm going to stab a guess and say that you've got a camera that has shutter delay on it? (Most P+S cameras do) - That'll probably be the biggest difference, there's very little shutter lag on a DSLR.

    You can and will get blurred pictures BUT it'll be because you haven't focused properly, you have the wrong aperture setting or the wrong shutter speed. If you've got those right, then you shouldn't have any blurry photos, unless you're shooting with a really high ISO in low light at which point you'll have a really noisy image.

    I'll try and find some of my pre and post DSLR shots to compare for you :)
  14. Lonestar

    Lonestar Bluey Manai


    ( I sold the last 3 )
  15. ~*sugarlump*~

    ~*sugarlump*~ rather be riding...

    I honestly wouldn't. My teacher is a really good photographer, ask HG90 (I'll show you his website if you want), and he just doesn't make enough to warrant making a proffession out of it.
    If I were you I would stick to a normal job and keep it as a hobby/side earner :)
  16. Lonestar

    Lonestar Bluey Manai

    Thankyou, I always count the last 2 strides and take the pic on take off.
    Yes- have a shutter camera- reason I am looking to buy now is because it got stood on by Robbie so have no camera now except a disposable one!! :eek: can't be dealing with that !

    Thank you- that would be much apprieciated :)
  17. Lonestar

    Lonestar Bluey Manai

    I was thinking this too, thing is, I do not know what to do aswell, that is the only thing that I have ever wanted to do... I know that is bad right :eek:.

    I have thought about being a chef - but ?? :rolleyes:
    I'm even useless at this- and its about my life :eek: :eek:
  18. horseygal90

    horseygal90 Going

    With my old 6mpx camera:

    Then about a week after I'd got my DSLR:
    (Excuse the sky, I had a bit of a photoshop drama)

    Then also, these were with the kit lens as well- You can get some pretty good shots from it, don't write it off too early:
  19. sonnet

    sonnet New Member

    I'll be brutally honest because it's your future, and uni is a huge expense.

    The pics looks quite normal to me, yes you have the timing right, so maybe with a good camera they'd be something special but you'll not make a living out of it I shouldn't think.

    I'm speaking from experience by the way- chose the WRONG path and desperately regret it now- just studying (or not) for my finals...
  20. horseygal90

    horseygal90 Going

    Nah, it's great, it means you'll be passionate! I do view photography as very much of a hobby first and then when you get good you go into it further kind of thing. Chef is a good career... Probably best I don't tell you about my cousin who used to be a chef though :eek:

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