what fresh veg can horses eat?

Discussion in 'General' started by Dummer&Drummer, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. Dummer&Drummer

    Dummer&Drummer New Member

    i just read someones thread who said they give their horses parsnip and suede. my horse has only ever had carrot or apple. what else could i give him as a tasty treat or something to mix in his food???? anything i should bare in mind health wise re any veg?
  2. eventerbabe

    eventerbabe Active Member

    mine get apple, carrots, parsnip, turnip. they love getting a whole turnip and knawing their way through it.
  3. Perfect Pony

    Perfect Pony New Member

    shadow gets, apples, carrots, parsnip, turnip, we gave him cabbage last year too but he didnt like it!!!
  4. saldec

    saldec Banned

    Mine get:

    But they hate bananas :) They just spit it out of there mouths, so funny to see :D
  5. Dummer&Drummer

    Dummer&Drummer New Member

    to be honest, i thought banannas were like poisioness to them, not good for them - i not sure though, that is just wat my old RI said once

    could i buy a whole turnip then and just put it on the ground, or maybe in their field if they had one each - does it take them ages to eat it or just like half an hour or something - be something different for them??
  6. dcp

    dcp New Member

    Is it ok for their teeth. Ok probably silly questions. Sometimes if I give Charlie a whole carrot he finds it difficult to bite it. would a whole turnip be the same
  7. hApPiNeSs

    hApPiNeSs & Sharman :)

    i dont know if she is suppossed to have it, but happy loves melon and cucumber :D

    i think carrot, apple and turnip are the best ones to give though :eek:
  8. Dummer&Drummer

    Dummer&Drummer New Member

    laurenc - i know the answer to that question - it should be fine for their teeth, probably good for them - horses should manage a large whole carrot - they have an extra set of teeth at the back of their mouths i believe as well as the front :)
  9. The Flying Irishman

    The Flying Irishman New Member

    Silly question but are you supposed to peel the turnip or do they eat it with its skin on - same re parsnips :D
  10. Wally

    Wally Well-Known Member

    Ours love the odd banana, not often but a bite each never hurt.

    Horses can cope in moderation with most things we eat, but in moderation. Too much turnip will give then the squitts.

    My friend in Germany gives them grapes.
  11. dcp

    dcp New Member

    Charlie isn't keenon bananas but loves oranges. I don't feed them too often though because they are quite acidy.
  12. Holly B

    Holly B New Member

    I've read that racing stables in France regularly feed their horses oranges in the same way that we tend to feed carrots and apples.:)
  13. chickflick1066

    chickflick1066 New Member

    Well I used to feed an array in her dinner but found she spat them out and ate them at the end so she doesnt really get anymore.
  14. sidesaddlelady1

    sidesaddlelady1 New Member

    The WH loves swede. A client at the yard gives hers celery - an expensive hobby I feel! During the war when "proper" feed was scarce they fed potato peelings to horses among other things but I don't think I'd do it now.
  15. LMS

    LMS New Member

    I've read that nightshade vegetables were to be avoided.

    My neighbour though asked me if horses were allowed to eat pumpkins as my mare Heidi found the ones in her garden & started munching on them.
    Does anyone know if it's ok? I tried looking it up on the net to no avail.

  16. sidesaddlelady1

    sidesaddlelady1 New Member

    Bananas are very high in potassium and sugar so probably better in small quantities. But not poisonous I wouldn't think. The WH doesn't like them at all - which is odd because I don't either. A lot of things in common, my horse and I.

    A propos of nothing very much - Banana skins are very good for polishing scuffed brown boots.
  17. sidesaddlelady1

    sidesaddlelady1 New Member

    As in potatoes and tomatoes? Interesting. All the green bits of both are very poisonous at least to humans so I wouldn't risk it with a horse.
  18. sidesaddlelady1

    sidesaddlelady1 New Member

    Probably better to cut large carrots into fingers as horses can choke very easily
  19. xXSundanceBayXx

    xXSundanceBayXx xXx.The ex Noggin123.xXx

    also never cut carrots into rounds but cut lengthways. it lessens chances of choking.:)
  20. arabianknight

    arabianknight c0W bOi On ThE rUn

    turnips, eh?

    so, i was just wondering....:eek: yet kind of embaressed...but i'll go ahead....what are turnips?:eek: lol:D :eek: i saw an image of them on googles images but didnt recognise them!

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