What is Commanchee Ridden show class

Discussion in 'Showing' started by Talibutts, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. Talibutts

    Talibutts New Member

    Looking at a show schedule at Valients Equestrian Centre, there is a class for Commanchee Ridden coloured/piebald, its affiliated to PUK. Anyone know what this is??

    We are showing virgins ;o) but my daughter has a young coloured that has really took to schooling and we thought we might dip our toe in the water, so came across this class while looking at what we could enter a 13 2 native cob type in ridden classes.
  2. eml

    eml Moderator

    Qualifier for the summer Ponies UK coloured ridden championship, there is an in hand one as well. Worth a go!!!

    Just the name/sponsor for the class, judged as a normal coloured class
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  3. Ginger Thing

    Ginger Thing New Member

    Lol, glad you cleared that up, eml! I had visions of it being some fancy dress, Native American type affair with bareback riders hanging off the sides of their mounts :giggle:
  4. bitsnpieces

    bitsnpieces Active Member

    What eml said :)

    Commanchee Ace was a v.prolific elite graded coloured cob so there's quite a few classes and championships named after him
  5. Talibutts

    Talibutts New Member

    Ha ha thanks for that EML I too had visions of bareback riding feathers:redface:

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