What size girth for a 15hh cob?

Discussion in 'Tack & Saddlery' started by skewbald_girl, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. skewbald_girl

    skewbald_girl New Member

    What it says in the title...

    Also, if anyone has any clue on measuring bits...? His current one fits, but I would like to try him in a happy mouth.
  2. acw295

    acw295 New Member

    erm your title says girth??? :confused:

    You measure for bits by measuring between the rings. But do you mean girths or bits?

  3. skewbald_girl

    skewbald_girl New Member

    Both! Thanks for the tip on bits. If you know the answer for girths too, you'll have a very grateful skewbald girl.
  4. mikh

    mikh New Member

    My cob is in a 48" cottage craft or a 51" cottage craft just done up a bit more he's 15.1 an din a bates gp saddle
  5. vixie

    vixie New Member

    well girth depends on the horses build, my fjord takes a 48" for example. just measure him.
  6. joey_olop

    joey_olop I Love My Olops!!!!!

    My boy takes a 46" girth, all depends on build cos my 14hh Welsh Cob x takes a 48"
  7. ce55ie

    ce55ie New Member

    Girth - depends on how fat he is ! Our 15.1 is currently in a 51 inch non stretchy cottage craft one which gets done up high on the girth straps, a smaller one would easily fit him eg. 48.

    Bits you measure between the rings but they often have the size written on them. They actually do vary a bit actually as I've just measured our twos bits in view of getting new ones and one is a happy mouth mullen which says 135mm/5 and a quarter inch the other a metal eggbut that says 5 and a half inch but they are pretty much the same size.

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