What veggies/fruits can horses eat?

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  1. Hello!!!
    What kind of vegtables and fruits can horses eat?
  2. virtuallyhorses

    virtuallyhorses NZ TB owner

    If you do a search you'll find all sorts of interesting things that people feed their horses ... for many fruits and vegetables - quantities are important. I happily feed my horse the odd mandarin or bit of bread but I wouldn't make them the basis of his diets. :)

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  3. AJB

    AJB New Member

    as well as usual carrots and apples, try pears, parsnips, turnips, swedes (not sure if you have them in the US??)...my mates horse likes the occasional banana although mine spits them out, corgettes and oranges on occasions as well as marmite and peanut butter sandwiches at shows!!!!...just dont feed potatoes or too much bread or cake;)
  4. aphagirlie05

    aphagirlie05 In loving memory of Nique

    The other good thing to give your horse is horse treats, which we call cookies, so wouldn't they be horse biscuits for you guys? I'm confused on that one! LOL! Anyways, our horses love gatorade and soda of all kinds, along with apples, carrots, Nique likes to steal french fries from the kids (just don't let her have to many), Funions, doritos, jellybeans (just never a lot). The only problem with soda is that you can't give it to your horses at show grounds because if they drug test your horse will come up positive for caffeine. :p
  5. PridesAngel03

    PridesAngel03 Cowboy

    Now you know we don't normally feed our horses jellybeans, doritos, and/or funyuns. Nor do we purposely feed them french fries. The ONLY thing we feed are "Nicker Snax." They have occassionally "grabbed" a treat of oatmeal cookies, ice cream sandwiches, doritos, and the forementioned fries. You aphagirlie05 are the only one to feed jellybeans! LOL

    Y'all have a GR8 Day and Happy Trails!

    Blondy ;)
  6. aphagirlie05

    aphagirlie05 In loving memory of Nique

    It was your idea though! :D
  7. Lol! Are you serious? Gatorade! Lol...


    No..I dont think we do...



    Thanks everyone!!!!
  8. Elvengirl

    Elvengirl Know jumps, know glory!

    My horsey LOVES grapes and bran muffin with raisin in it. He also likes gummi candies, but I don't think they are good for him, he just steals them from me.
  9. WhiteIceGem

    WhiteIceGem New Member

    While we're mentioning weird things our horses have eaten....

    Thistle quite likes ham sandwiches, she has stolen half of mine on several occasions (when i have been absent-mindedly eating my lunch whilst grooming her....)
    Spike drinks lukewarm tea (Milk and two sugars or else i end up wearing it)
    Midnight will eat anything apart from twiglets, spat them out and curled her lip!
    Misty likes fruit chewy bars, especially the raisin ones, but she won't eat raisins on their own....
    Baby is a fussy bugger but her party trick is holding a 500ml bottle of coke in her teeth and downing the bit that i've left for later... (see thistle)

    Mad bunch!!
  10. whitestallion10

    whitestallion10 hate my horses,hate melol

    why will horses not eat fruit

    my hores smokey will not eat apples but he will eat apple wayfers:confused:
  11. vikkig

    vikkig New Member

    i feed mac most veg and fruit however i dont feed him raw potatoes due to starch however he does love a chip butty and i was told off today at a show for letting him eat chips.

    he has been know to eat bacon sandwiches, spag bol, ham sandwichs basically anything you dont hide from him, the best was the garlic sauce from the chippy straight from the pot.

    he LOVES chocolate and if you are eating chocolate around him and dont give him any he will snot all over you until he gets it.
  12. coss

    coss Schooling fan

    my friend's horse like fish and chips :confused:
    i feed, broccoli, carrots, apples, nepes (are they swedes, turnips or is a nepe a nepe?!). tried banana but they didn't like that
  13. Shian89

    Shian89 New Member

    horses aren't really supposed to eat fish and bacon etc.....as they are vegetarians and their digestive systems are not made to digest meat! :confused::)
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  14. coss

    coss Schooling fan

    this is true... don't think my friend gave her horse fish and chips - think he nicked it :p not something to be done on a regular basis ;)
  15. marli@missi

    marli@missi New Member

    Swede hung up in stable they love keeps them occupied as well, mine luv em as well as all veg and fruit not potatoes x
  16. vikkig

    vikkig New Member

    mac steals food and will drag me across the yard for food, i have never intentionally fed him meat but if i am not careful whilst eating my bacon sandwich on a morning he will be over my shoulder and eating it.
  17. natasha109

    natasha109 New Member

    Tommi likes,mint aero,nik nak crisps,biscuits and loves apples and carrots :D:D
  18. Double C

    Double C New Member

    Charlie Farley is a fan of cheesy Wotsits. lol =D

    He loves his apples, carrots, pears, tangerines and cherries with the stones taken out. He also picks off the blackberries when they are in season. Thats funny to watch =D

    Then he has purpleish reddish lips and likes to send his love with bit sloppy kisses lol. =D

    And I have to warn anyone who eats chocolate near him to make sure its fully away from him as he will steal =D big thief he is lol.

    I knew someone who used to bring in four chocolate chip muffins every morning and she would eat two and give her horse two. And then they used to share orange juice, lol.

    Speaking of which, he also loves Orange juice, Fanta, Apple juice and cranberry lol ^___^

    What we feed these horsies, lol =D
  19. TessetGanzi

    TessetGanzi New Member

    Organza has stopped mid canter to pick blackberries, and i can reach the high up ones for me from her back, happy munching!!
    BUT, where I live in swFrance we are in the middle of vinyards, was warned never let her have any grapes or she'll break the fence to get at them every year..deer come right up to the field whilst nicking grapes..must be frustrating for our pones..sirprised they havn't caught on!

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