When was your last fall?

Discussion in 'Confidence Club' started by Flipo's Mum, Jul 7, 2010.

  1. nicolaj

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    Don't worry I get it!! Sometimes it is also good to recognise you can fall off and be okay as well.:happy:

    I have experienced a lot of confidence issues as well, and went on a confidence course last year which used a lot of NLP techniques and one of them was about reducing the 'impact' of the memories of falls and other bad experiences.

    Yes I agree totally!!!:happy: That could really dent confidence I tend to avoid such threads as well.

    Anyway as I say if it helps you to talk about it then go for it!!:biggrin:
  2. Mr Ed

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    I fell off a couple of weeks ago in the sand-school. Was having a lesson and daft pony spooked as a pigeon fluttered out of the hedge. How I came off I really do not know.

    Anyhow, absolutely no damage done and no loss of confidence. (I'm a 47 yo novice who can be a bit nervous too :unsure:). Twas my first fall from Ed since I've owned him (16 months) although I did fall off a RS horse earlier this year...
  3. Jane&Ziggy

    Jane&Ziggy Learning together!

    Hello all. Transferred from the Cafe area - Trewsers suggested this was a better thread!

    What a lovely day, thought we, for a hack now we have 2 horses and lots of lovely bridleways to hack them on. So we tacked up and set off.

    Now I should remind you that my DH is riding Mattie but is not an experienced rider. I forget he doesn't know some basic stuff - and of course, being a man, he doesn't like to be told :tongue:.

    I had planned us a ride along a track which a friend said was great for a canter. It looked it, so with my new boldness I said, "We'll have a little canter up here then," and Zigs and I set off.

    He cantered nicely and was just slowing up when asked (yay! :bounce:) when the DH and Mattie came past full steam ahead. Ziggy says, "What? Competition? We're off!" and it was gallop, not canter.

    Which would have been fine, except the DH then decided to stop at a narrow spot. To avoid running straight up Mattie's bum Ziggy kinked right - I hung on - a tree was in the way - he kinked left - I went out of the side door.

    I have to say I shouted at the DH (from my position on the ground, with sand in my jodhpurs, natch) and told him it was all his fault. Ziggy looked horrified, walked away, realised he didn't know where he was and walked back to me with his ears pricked. Stood like a rock while I got back on. Was anxious but good for the rest of the ride :inlove:.

    But no harm done - and a good gallop!!!! We live and learn :wub:
  4. tubby

    tubby New Member

    When did I last come off ? Last November was cantering up a grass verge & suddenly was lying in the middle of the road with no memory of how I'd got there :unsure:.Then I went off again as next thing is standing in tack room with another livery,at that point Y/O very sensibly banned me from driving home & took me himself taking hubby back to fetch car.My poor hat had a crack up the back but am grateful it was on or that would have been my head :eek:.Wish I wouldn't do it really am way too old to be flung on the floor.
  5. Joyscarer

    Joyscarer New Member

    November 5th 2006.

    I know this because it was the first day I got Joy on loan with a view to buying :giggle:
  6. Lacetti

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    When was the last time you fell off ? About a month ago
    What damage did you do to yourself physically? Hurt my pride:ninja:
    What affect do you think it had on your confidence? None
    Have you recovered (mentally and physically)? Yes:happy:
    What about your horse, how's he/she doing? She's fine!

    I only have myself to blame - I decided to ride her in from the field, bareback with only a headcollar and lead-rein (I did not have a hat on either!! :banghead:) - Lexi is VERY sensitive to your weight, and as I climbed on with the aid of a random straw bale and shifted into a more comfortable position, she clearly had other ideas and DUMPED ME!! :redcarded:
  7. My Last falle was Eowyn spooking coming into a jup and me going out the side door, no dmage done had my BP on rolled got up got back on was over on less than two mins and we went at the jump again happt as larry.

    My Last fall that really hurt was Kia a few years ago, I pretty much ripped everything around my back and pelvis and ended up getting surgery and posture help and I still wear a brace when riding or exercising. I have to have a special mattress, a special chair at work and sleep a certainway although i no longer have to wear my brace for everything.

    On a good note its fixed my psition no end in the saddle lol!! Jumping aint all that great i still cannot fully fold from the waist and I might never do so but i can still jump.

    Nikki xxx:tongue:
  8. OwnedbyChanter

    OwnedbyChanter With out my boys life would be bland

    Oh this is a good thread well done FM.

    As others have said for some writing it down takes the 'sting' oout of the memony and helps you to move on from it. but for others it just serves as a bad reminder.

    For me It makes me see how far we have come.

    first fall off the big fella was on the river bank with a friend she wanted to gallop I had not had him that long and only really just started to canter. we start off and he was quite calm but instead of gently letting the speed build she just dropped for reins and her pony shot off. Chanter freaked and bronced 3 times I sat to 2 and popped off on the last. He ran to catch up with his friend and stopped. got on and rode home.

    2 weeks later on our own had a lovely fast canter in the field just pulling up to a trot and he spooked I landed on my feet next to him.

    The first fall jarred my lover back the second knocked my pelvis out as I took the impact through one leg.

    Didn't effect my confidence at all as always been better on board than off. Chanter is solid as a rock and nothing really upsets him for more than a stride or 2 after an incident.
  9. pointerlady

    pointerlady New Member

    This afternoon. Was trying a pony for sale who was keen on jumping. I am not. Pony tried to go over the jump, I tried to guide him to the side, pony came to a sudden stop and I went flying over his head and landed on the poles. Terrific bruise on my shoulder. Bit of a dent in my confidence. Is there a safe pony out there? Don't know how the pony reacted as I was on the floor at the time. Know I scared the hell out of those watching though.:frown:
  10. BurningAmber

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    When was the last time you fell off ?
    Lets see it was spring 2005 I believe, so a little over 5 years ago (*runs and knocks on wood*) I was riding Liberty, it was like 5 months after he injured his right front, we were only allowed to walk cause he was still lame, but the vet said light walking under saddle would do him good. Anyway, my dumb trainer (ex trainer now) Started up the very loud Quad right behind Libby (who has always been a bit of a spooky spazz) He freaked and bolted, I was totally not expecting it and I lost my balance and flipped backwards out of the saddle. Landing in a very gross puddle of mud!

    What damage did you do to yourself physically?

    I bruised my lower back and tailbone really badly, couldn't sit for like 2 weeks, very very painful, plus it bruised my ego that I fell off my lame horse while we were just supposed to be walking, lol.

    What affect do you think it had on your confidence?

    Surprisingly it didn't bother me all that much, I've had incidents where I stayed on the horse that freaked me out way more then this fall did.
  11. mistymoon

    mistymoon Member

    Hi Flipo's Mum :smile:

    I fell off on my 5th lesson. I have had 9 so far!
    I had a bruised calf.
    I just got back on again because its the only thing to do.
    I don't think it spoiled my confidence because I knew it was my fault. I screamed which made the horse go faster. I had to use the crop and I was certainly not ready for the jolt! The little 'scream' I let out did me no favours whatsoever! The poor horse just got frightened, went faster than I was ready for and went into a corner and sulked. Bless him.
    As the horse was a school horse, not my own, I think he had all the care he needed to recover. Except, I think he was fine after that. Just my self esteem which was hurt! :giggle:
  12. MistyGal

    MistyGal New Member

    Last fall 3 weeks ago. The Haff had a bronching fit in response to bring made to trot away from his friends we were all out on the field. Into the menage for a quick canter round before trotting back to mates. Sat the bucks fine, got into school about to go into canter he span round and dropped shoulder................grrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    Fell off, shouted few swear words, got back on, continued what I was doing.
    Mentally i know him... he was being naughty but not malicious so I am ok riding him now.. but had it been a horse i am not used too I would probably have issues...
  13. Flipo's Mum

    Flipo's Mum Heavy owner of a Heavy

    LOL, funny this thread should reappear just now! Hadn't had any falls since I posted this.....until this year!
    March - bareback fiasco - horse took off just as I tried to stay on for first time, I chucked myself off at a canter, nothing hurt as such, just my pride and we had an interesting time with trying to get back on - Flip didn't want to play ball.
    April - session in the school, fell off while trying to get off - windy day, spooky noise, caused horse to jump sideways just as I had taken my feet out of stirrups. Cracked my head, saw stars and felt like crap for a few weeks afterwards with headaches. Got straight back on (well within half an hour after horse didn't want to let me back on - he's such a sensitive soul, doesn't like it when I fall!) Confidence well and truly dented with this one and had to go right back to basics with someone babysitting us every time I rode for a couple of weeks.
  14. tessie1

    tessie1 New Member

    Lol...well about ten minutes ago! riding bareback as usual, but decided to bail. Didnt hurt myself except for a sore bum(got plenty padding there though!) and pony seems fine and very apologetic. He got a scare from a bird though so I dont think he will be affected much. And for once, it hasnt dented my confidence one bit :D
  15. skyenfaye

    skyenfaye New Member

    When? About a month ago, i was riding a horse i was going to have on loan. She hadnt been ridden in over four years and her saddle was too bog, so she was entitled to try and get me off. She was jumping an spinning in the air, i cam of the first time, then stayed on the next three times then fell off on her last go.
    Physical damage? I landed on my ankle a bit funny but it only hurt for about a day.
    Did it affect my confidence? Nope, i had butterflies when i got back on, but other than that if found it absolutely hilarious! :giggle:
    Have i recovered? My ankle stopped hurting after a day but my huge ego is still damaged. :tongue:
    The horse? HA! She was perfectly fine! She tried to do it 4 more times the session, then when i ridden her the next day she was perfectly behaved. :yellowcarded:
  16. Ginger Thing

    Ginger Thing New Member

    When was the last time you fell off ?

    About 6-8 weeks ago, when trying a potential purchase!

    What damage did you do to yourself physically?

    Fell on the road without a BP, was expecting a huge 'ouch' but got up and was immediately ok. Later on and next day realised I had twisted my knee and strained my neck trying to not hit the deck.

    What affect do you think it had on your confidence?

    Oddly enough, it sort of improved it, as I was terrified of falling on a hard surface and thought I would really do some damage, but it really wasn't that bad, so now I'm not so scared of it happening again.

    Have you recovered (mentally and physically)?

    Yes, knee was painful for about a week, but cycled 7 miles today with no bother, so seems to be completely better. Hacked another potential purchase out on the road a couple of weeks after, so mentally ok too.

    What about your horse, how's he/she doing?
    He was sold, but not to me!
  17. juliecwuk

    juliecwuk Well-Known Member

    When was the last time you fell off ? Think it was about 6-8weeks ago - sat on moet bareback, she spooked and bronked, I slid off and landing on my back.

    What damage did you do to yourself physically?
    Hurt my neck abit, from my head hitting the ground backwards.

    What affect do you think it had on your confidence?
    Surprisingly none! Actually prob helped it! Although confirmed my decision about not riding moet bareback!

    Have you recovered (mentally and physically)?
    Yes, rode the next day (but with a saddle on!)

    What about your horse, how's he/she doing?
    She is fine, and was fine immediately after the incident ;)
  18. Roxy's Mum

    Roxy's Mum New Member

    Funny this has reappeared, I just re-read my post to this thread and realised I came off Roxy about a week after I replied!

    It wasn't really a proper fall as such, I was riding her bareback for the first time (she wasn't overly impressed). OH led us into the school although there was a horse in there already, it was all a bit too exciting for Roxy who wanted to trot and then threw in a buck with a bit of a spin and I just kind of slid & dismounted at the same time, landing on my feet and laughing quite a lot. I'm glad it was an amusing fall but I haven't tried to ride her bareback since!
  19. domane

    domane Well-Known Member

    I've had one fall in 27 years!

    Ok, this isn't as clever as it sounds. I gave up horses and riding when I was 21 for a mortgage, then started churning out kids and didn't come back to horses until 2005, so that's 21 years gone! Managed to get from July 2005 all the way to May last year with no fall and then I got cocky and jumped Roo, which is stupid as I don't "do" jumping. He took off half a stride early, jumped wide and I pitched up onto his neck, couldn't recover so I bailed. Landed flat on my back which felt like it was cramped and then a lump came up within an hour.


    Very sore and painful and so 3 days later I went to the docs and got referred to the local cottage hospital. By now it looked like this...


    Still very sore and the fluid had increased. Got told it was a seroma and that I basically had to wait weeks and weeks for it to go. The initial pain subsided but for two months I walked around feeling like I had a hot water bottle strapped to my back... such an odd sensation. The fluid continued to grow and spread upwards... (short vid)


    They don't like draining the fluid because they feel the body has put it there for a reason, for healing purposes, plus it introduces infection and the chances are it would just re-fill itself so I had to put up with it. It started dispersing around two months later but it was the beginning of the end for Roo and I and I hardly rode him again.

    Now I have Jack and use a BP. Confidence is slowly returning.

    Oh... I did get a crackin' shot of the jump just before I pitched off....


    Won't ever jump again though...

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