Where can you get second hand treeless saddles!!

Discussion in 'Tack & Saddlery' started by RaThEr_Be_RiDiN, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. RaThEr_Be_RiDiN

    RaThEr_Be_RiDiN eventing baby!!!

    Im a student...and i do parelli so i am extremely short with the finances!:) Ive been looking everywhere for sites/places that sell second hand treeless saddles and they just dont seem to exist

    I'm on ebay regularly, but its normally always replicers (sp) on there which i am a bit dubious about!

    Does anyone know where i could get a treeless saddle (pref a treefree exmoor :D) with out shedding £££££
  2. c2b

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  3. KarinUS

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    I joined the Yahoo Treeless goup when I first became interested in treeless saddles. People on there seem to be from all over US/UK, etc. and sometimes somebody sells a saddle.
    I got our first treeless from there. A Torsion saddle that would have been new $1,400 for $700.
    Do you know how to search yahoo groups?
  4. No_Angel

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    ebay is your best bet, but dartmoor/exmoor treefrees dont come up often.
    how about a barefoot london? horse and harmony are having a sale on teh old style ones now:)
  5. jumpingkatey

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    What sort of price range are you looking for?
    I bought a treeless saddle off ebay but i bought the wrong size for me:eek:
    !!So I need to sell it as we are moving abroad.If you want anymore info/pics then PM me!!
  6. lachlanandmarcu

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    Keep looking!


    Persevere with eBay - I shared your doubts about some of the ones on there but eventually a 2nd hand Dartmoor treefree came up with all its bits and I got it - so it's worth waiting as it was half the price of new and both my 13 yo 17hh IDxTB gelding and my 3 yo 14.3 Haflinger filly love it to bits - in fact we backed the Haflinger in it ......:)

    Good luck with the search - def worth waiting for the quality :D

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