Where does everyone ride or keep there horse?

Discussion in 'New Riders' started by crazyhorses, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. crazyhorses

    crazyhorses New Member

    Hi everyone
    im having a nosey and asking everyone where they ride, or where they've rode!
    I ride at green lane stables, and i have rode at old barn stables, lower farm, and chessington stables.
    How about everyone else!
    xxxxxxxxxxx Emz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  2. eventerbabe

    eventerbabe Active Member

    i learned to ride here fantastic school :D well worth a visit if any of you head up this way.
  3. *Sez*

    *Sez* Salsa & Solstice Twilight

    I've ridden at loads of schools!
    The earliest I can remember was a place just outside of Lavenham in Suffolk run by a lady called Lyn. Then Bridle Farm (I think), near Boxted run by a lady called Dorothy (if anyone still rides here, please let me know coz I'd love to know how the ponies are and if any of the ones I used to know are still there). Then in Essex I worked and rode at Limebrook Farm, in Maldon, Carlton Farm in Chelmsford, and Medway Farm near Althorne (not all at once, though!). I've also been to a few different schools in North Yorkshire, and since moving to Redcar in Cleveland, I've ridden at Saltburn Riding School as well!

    Now that I'm buying my own horse, we've arranged livery for him at Thrushwood Farm in New Marske.
  4. saddlebred_babe

    saddlebred_babe New Member

    I currently ride and take lessons at Heartland Stables in Iowa. I also am currently exercising a horse on my dad's friend's property, lol kinda confusing! :eek: I've also ridden at my friends stable on her horse it was called Victory Stables. Another one was Jester Park they have trail rides and stuff but now they are a place for theraputic riding.

    Kirstie :rolleyes:
  5. Haleydocious

    Haleydocious Horseless

    Green Lane where? I know of a green lane near me. I used to ride at Stocks Farm, but looking into riding at Windmill Stables, Portland for my first lesson since I was 15. I live in Dorset, is that near you? :cool:
  6. *lozza*

    *lozza* New Member

  7. horseyrose

    horseyrose New Member

    I ride at Lee Valley in London :D
    Ride at Tilery in Newcastle when at uni, have also ridden at Stepney bank.
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  8. **Krista**

    **Krista** New Member

    I now share but have ridden at: Green Lane, Equus, Wildwoods and a few others along the way i've probably forgotten :rolleyes:
  9. chickflick1066

    chickflick1066 New Member

    I have only ridden at Cobbles Farm, Shana equestrian centre and Widmer EC.
  10. Cowgirl-Wannabe

    Cowgirl-Wannabe New Member

    I am currently taking lessons from a sister-in-law of someone that my dad knows from work. :) No stables where near us and I actually think I'm learning alot more this way. She's a great teacher. I've ridden twice down at a stable my cousin used to ride at, but the training was not good at all.
  11. *sam*

    *sam* New Member

    i have rode at kingsmead equestrian centre for about 3 yrs then i rode at hadlow college and now i ride at wimbledon village stables.
  12. Swissarmyknife

    Swissarmyknife MyHorseIsMyEverything

    I ride and keep my horse at Misty River Ranch in Manitoba Canada. www.mistyriverranch.com check out our message board!!!
  13. western

    western New Member

    Well I just ride my horse around my house. I dont keep mine at a stables because I have lots of fields to ride in and I have my own pasture to keep my horse in. And I only have one to take care of, so not alot of work is involved like working at a stables full of horses. :)
  14. julitta

    julitta New Member

    haha sounds like there are loadsa people riding near me...i ride at ridgway stables,wimbledon....just donw the road from where sam rides...and im guessing crazyhorses rides at teh green lane stables i know of in morden...cause its also kind of near a chessington stables...if sooo then whats it like there cause i was thinking of riding there tooo..
  15. crazyhorses

    crazyhorses New Member

    hi juliita, i would reccomend riding at green lane, they have lovely horses
    yes its the one in morden, they have lovely horses there aswell, people get put off by the apperance but the lessons are great!

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