Which bit do you use for novices

Discussion in 'Showing' started by rtk, Aug 23, 2009.

  1. rtk

    rtk New Member

    Just thinking of buying The Beast a new bit - I'm terribly mean and having been using cast offs from the others :eek:

    She is currently in a jointed happy mouth snaffle but in the past she has tried a straight rubber snaffle, a french link fulmer, a standard eggbut and probably a few more.

    She actually goes well in any of them, doesn't seem to mind except she did have a good old chew on the rubber one.

    She will eventually have to go in a double or rugby pelham but not yet.

    What do you all use for your novices (for the show ring)
  2. A loose ring snaffle :)

    ETA- In most novice classes (ie novice hunter, novice riding horse, etc) snaffles are the only acceptable bit to use.
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  3. S_F_S

    S_F_S Guest

    Hanging cheek for the one that really had to go out in a snaffle as it took him ages to accept the idea of curb, but most of the others have a little rugby or show pelham with a french link mouthpiece going by the time they get out showing, usually with a tiny shank and elastic curb.

    (ETA this is the SHOWING forum and question is asking what you show in novice classes in - not what I start everything in!)
  4. Melting Moments

    Melting Moments New Member

    I don't like lose rings because they seem to pinch the side of the horses mouths.

    Eggbutt snaffle or hanging cheek snaffle.

    Why will she have to go in a pelham?
  5. rtk

    rtk New Member

    Thank everyone. SFS, yes I was talking about showing, she has been broken for a couple of years but had a year off through injury.

    To be honest she is not really ready to do proper ridden showing but because she can be such a stress head we thought we might do a couple this back end. Just local where no proper judges will see her :D. We have in mind a new to showing class next week, walk and trot only and no mad go round. s she is really stressy we will just ride her round the car park. I like the sound of the rugby you use to introduce them, any chance of a pic or somewhere I can buy one, wont have time to introduce her to it by next week but it would be nice for winter shows.

    Because a double bridle or a pelham is correct for showing.
  6. S_F_S

    S_F_S Guest

    Not getting at you, just doing a disclaimer for anyone who had perhaps picked the thread up through View New Posts and took my statement in completely the wrong way!
  7. S_F_S

    S_F_S Guest

    Not true, snaffles are ACCEPTABLE and ALLOWED but rarely seen.
  8. rtk

    rtk New Member

    Well it would have given the trolls something to argue about all night. Bitting youngsters in rugby pelhams :D:D:D:D
  9. S_F_S

    S_F_S Guest

    If they can get from cubbing to breastmilk in less than 20 pages.... who knows!
  10. I was under the impression OP was to enter a novice showing class :confused: If this is correct, you get penalised for using anything other than a snaffle. If I was mistaken, and OP was talking about a general showing class, then I apologise.
  11. rtk

    rtk New Member

    Oh I haven't seen that one, off to look :D
  12. S_F_S

    S_F_S Guest

    I think Lucy87, you and I differ in opinion on every post in this forum, as I am giving advice from the knowledge of affiliated classes. Very rare to see a novice in a snaffle, although it is permitted, most are in pelhams/doubles.
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  13. rtk

    rtk New Member

    No need, I have no idea what we might take her in, it depends on her head on the day.

    She will be doing ridden coloured eventually and at a small local show with very small classes we might even enter her in that. By next year she should be ready to do it properly. This year I just want to get her out, but dont want to look wrong.

    The one place she wont be going is family pony :D:D
  14. Ok :) I just assumed that rtk meant a novice class (due to post title), but I agree in affiliated showing it is rare to see anything other than pelhams or doubles.
  15. S_F_S

    S_F_S Guest

    I was referring to affiliated Novice classes, I have two novice hacks. Most shows take the affiliated rules (PUK, or BSHA) as a benchmark and work off them.
  16. rtk

    rtk New Member

    Now looked - WTF - is it magic mushroom season this week :rolleyes:
  17. S_F_S

    S_F_S Guest

    Now thats just cruelty to mushrooms?!!!
  18. rtk

    rtk New Member

  19. col

    col New Member

    in affiliated horse classes you will rarely see snaffles in the novice classes. In affilaited pony classes, I believe you HAVE to use snaffles - but you need to check the rules of the relevant society.

    Not knowing the type of horse and the level of show, it is an impossible question to answer accurately. I hate it when people just throw out advice which cannot possibly be correct as they don't have the relevant facts. Offer advice, by all means, but qualify it rather than make it sound like it is gospel.

    I believe the best answer should be that the schedule of each show (if it is local) will state what bits are acceptable. If you are doing an affiliated class, then check the rules. The other "easy" way of finding out information is looking on the website of the show photographer from the previous year - that is always a useful way of seeing what people are wearing and which bits are being used.

    I hope that this is useful information for you.
  20. rtk

    rtk New Member

    Thanks Col

    It was my fault, I was not specific enough, I dont actually want to do novice classes, just advice on what to use for our mare until she is ready for a double.

    SFS was not giving random advice, I am pretty sure that she knew which horse I was talking about and what I meant. My fault that others didn't

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