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Discussion in 'Tack & Saddlery' started by kelbe, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. kelbe

    kelbe New Member

    HI does anyone know anything about a worcester noseband? I have been reading about it but there are so many conflicting views. I want to try it on my strong pony which my little daughter rides. She just doesnt have the strength to pull back at times. I have read that it helps to stop the child pulling so hard on the mouth and keeps the ponys head down. It stops the tugging fight between them. Some say it is great but then a few have said that it will shred the ponys mouth and is very harsh. Is it a good idea or not?
  2. rtk

    rtk New Member

    It wont have any effect on the mouth. All it does it put pressure on the nose.

    I had one for our cob when my daughter was little. Used with a snaffle it had no adverse effect at all.

    However its not a cure all, it helps a bit but will not really stop horses using their strength against you if they really want to.
  3. kelbe

    kelbe New Member

    Thanks. I was just worried because i dont want to hurt the ponys mouth, she is in a french link snaffle and some say that it causes a lot of pain and should only be used by an expert? The pony is not really bad and most of the time is fine. When we want to jump or go hacking through fields she puts her head up even with a martingale and (she is on lead rein) I do find it hard to keep her head down and under control! My daughter is getting on really well she just needs a little extra help for a while. She doesn't take off or anything just sometimes needs to listen more
  4. Elly Koopman

    Elly Koopman New Member

    I worcester wont' shred the mouth as it has no contact with it :confused: I had one on rosie for a while, but found it really difficult to fit to her properly :(

    You could consider a wilkie type bit? Very popular in the show ring for the very reason you have stated with your daughter and pony. You can still have the french link mouth piece (which isn't as harsh and shouldn't be causing as much pain as you've been led to believe :confused:)

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