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Discussion in 'Mature Riders' started by Boudicca Rising, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Boudicca Rising

    Boudicca Rising New Member

    Went to a new riding instructor today . She said I should be proud of myself my seat is fantastic, I barely move in the saddle in sitting trot. Rising trot sometimes lean foreward but once I put my shoulders back no problem. Steering not an issue hands and elbows relaxed today. Hardly used the reins used legs seat and weight. The horse stopped just by my squeezing my buttocks, turned left and right by increasing weight into left or right buttock this was at walk but I was thrilled to bits. Even did a little canter ..not a good one but a start. The instructor wants to build on canter and even do a few small jumps. She said from what I said she wasn't expecting me to do the things I've done today,that I've definately made the horse work and that I CAN RIDE:dance:
  2. Cortrasna

    Cortrasna Grumpy old nag

    Yay!!!:dance: So very pleased for you - isnt it amazing how helpful and encouraging another RI's viewpoint can be?

    TBH - reading what you have achieved today and the relatively short amount of time you have actually been having lessons - you are doing very well indeed and sounds like you might just have a natural flair for this silly old hobby!:biggrin:
  3. Boudicca Rising

    Boudicca Rising New Member

    Thank you Cortrasana feel a lot more confident now and have also ditched Anxious Anna Boudicca Rising is a whole different kettle of fish:happy: On my 51st birthday too.
  4. Skib

    Skib New Member

    Congrats on everything - name change on NR, new RI and friends cob to hack on.
    Glad you did all that - Hope it goes much better for you now,
    But remember that we are all in it for the long term. For all of us, there are down times and less good rides along the way, and you must remind yourself of that, that it isnt personal - and keep posting back here, to let us all know how you are doing and asking for support when things dont seem so good.
  5. Boudicca Rising

    Boudicca Rising New Member

    thanks Skib today was a much needed good one. Definately in it for the long haul and will definately keep posting.

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