Would you ride out on a main road on a foggy morning like today?!

Discussion in 'General' started by gordysgirl, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. gordysgirl

    gordysgirl New Member

    On my way to work this morning I was suprised to see 2 riders out riding along a busy 60mph main road. People fly along this road! They were fully hi vizzed up, but you were still pretty close before you saw them as the misty foggy stuff was pretty dense.
    I wouldn't even contemplate it, I would either not ride or wait til later, or find a field away from roads or something if the horse had to be excercised.
    Do you guys ride out in weather like this? Maybe I am just being over paranoid & providing you are well vizzed up you are ok??
  2. Yann

    Yann Guest

    No, I wouldn't ride out on a busy main road in fog.
  3. Joyscarer

    Joyscarer New Member

    Better to ride on a busy main road in the fog than a quiet country lane.
  4. learningcurve

    learningcurve New Member

    Simple answer for me, no.
  5. BIrish

    BIrish New Member

    I don't do riding on roads in fog.. why would you take the risk if it was completely neccessary ?

    Tbh in any very inclement weather conditions that would affect visibility etc I don't ride on the roads.. I leave that for better days.. I don't need to risk mine or my horses' life so why would I ?
  6. gordysgirl

    gordysgirl New Member

    Exactly my thoughts!!
    I don't think its even the size of the road that matters, the fact that vehicles move at high speeds with less time for them to slow when they see you is just asking for an accident.
  7. carthorse

    carthorse Well-Known Member

    No. I wouldn't ride on any road in fog or mist, I value my life & that of my horses far too much.
  8. ponyzrule

    ponyzrule LY Jenny

    no i woudn't even ride in fog or mist u can't be seen properly!!
  9. albilusitano

    albilusitano Ponies rule !!

    It was really foggy here this morning and even highly vizzed up...I doubt I would have seen anyone... Definately would not take my boy out.....but then I suppose he wouldn't see those flying pigs that I never see ????....but then he would hear and imagine them :rolleyes:
  10. colettybetty

    colettybetty New Member

    Hmmm, maybe. If the road is one that is known as a road that riders use and if the road has good visibilty most days, as in no twisty bends and high hedges, then I might do. I'd be using hi viz exercise sheet, boots and flashing light tabard and flashing light on horse's bum.
    Totally depends on my own personal risk assessment of the conditions and local knowledge of the area, but the only conditions that definately prevent me are icy roads.
  11. notpoodle

    notpoodle Well-Known Member

    i wouldnt. but then i dislike any sort of riding on the road, let alone a main one! certainly wouldnt in foggy weather, even with hi viz, its not worth the risk!!
  12. Portia

    Portia New Member

    Nope. No way. Those cars without headlights on could hardly be seen until the last moment, so horse/rider - even with Hi viz on - would be the same. Not worth the risk.
  13. cinammontoast

    cinammontoast New Member

    There's no way I would have gone out this morning! Mad! Having said that, I'd have been tempted in the woods tonight: it was quite mystical with the temperature and the late sunset but there's a blind bend from my old RS at the bottom of a steep hill-yikes! They should perhaps have waited for the fog to lift.:confused:
  14. coss

    coss Schooling fan

    i only go out on the road highly vizzed and when visibility is clear or fairly clear ( - ie a car would have maxium of side lights on... if cars need dip or full beam then its going to be really hard to see you.
  15. MrKia+Me

    MrKia+Me Non member

    I would risk the quick few mins trot along the road to the forest with Hi Viz but this os a country back road and you can hear cars coming a mile off in either direction.

    Nikki xxxxx:)
  16. Nookster

    Nookster Active Member

    Would personally never go out in fog! just not worth the risk
  17. Ansiosa

    Ansiosa New Member

    Simple answer - no.
  18. SpringySpring

    SpringySpring New Member

    In the riders defence fog can decend very quickly

    I was out riding once and a thick fog appeared in minutes. I was not prepared for it and was only wearing a hiviz tabard. I got off and sat it out on the grass verge, however if I was on a busy road/ area where there was nowhere to stop, then yes I think I would ride on a foggy road - what else can you do in a situation like that?

    However if the fog was already in place before they set out I think it is a very irresponsible thing to do. I suppose at least they bothered putting on hiviz, unlike the jogger I met early this morning sprinting down the road. Because of the fog and his lack of hiviz (or bright clothing at all) I didn't see him until I was almost ontop of him, and he had the cheek to give the finger to me - next time matey, I won't bother swerving!! ;):p
  19. Ruskii

    Ruskii Active Member

    Guess I'm nuts, because I would actually. Perhaps not a 60mph road, but if I had to use the road for about 10 - 15 mins then I would but not for a full hack all on the road. I would be hi-vizzed up to my eyeballs though complete with the red flashing lights on horses bum / my hard hat and stirrups.
  20. Sexy Sietske

    Sexy Sietske New Member

    If it was like the fog we have been having that is very patchy and clearing up as soon as sun is up then I cant see why not, as it was patchy you would have still be fairly visible.

    Thick fog would be a no... no only can riders not be seen but they cant see what they are walking into! :p

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