WOW saddles - verdict?

Discussion in 'Tack & Saddlery' started by Riley Roo, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. Riley Roo

    Riley Roo New Member

    Had the opportunity to try out a WOW saddle at Your Horse - Live and was suitably impressed. So comfortable and fit ME and the mechnical horse like a glove.

    Does anybody have a WOW saddle? How good are they for fitting your horse, you and changing the panels etc?

    Good or bad experiences? Worth the money? Verdicts please :)
  2. Sticky's GF

    Sticky's GF New Member

    LOVE THEM!!!! Best money I've spent on horsey kit. I have a hyper sensitive horse with big shoulders/movement and he has come on leaps and bounds since I got a WOW in April.

    I had to go up a headplate size within the first 2 months as he muscled up quite quickly.

    I've got the flat seat jumping version and it is BRILLIANT for jumping. :D Have also done dressage in it and at our 2 outings this year we came 2nd and 1st (having never been placed before in all our previous attempts in a tree'd saddle). :D
  3. Lgd

    Lgd New Member

    Love mine - both of my own have them as does the Fell pony I compete.

    I'm purely dressage side for competition. I've had one in her WOW for nearly 5 years and the other for nearly 4 years.

    You do need to be clear that they need adjusting fairly frequently at first as the horse tend to bulk up and change shape quite dramatically in a relatively short space of time. My older mare got hers when she was already well established at PSG level and even she changed shape significantly (and went better!) When she retires completely at the end of next year hers is going onto her daughter (once backed and working - she's only 2½yo atm)
  4. NoviceNic

    NoviceNic Sexy Dressage Pony

    Do you need a fitter for the WOW saddle or is it something you can alter yourself??

    Main reason I ask is because there are no decent fitters in my area. :(
  5. Joyscarer

    Joyscarer New Member

    Lady on my yard had one for her horse.

    He hated it as does she but now she has another horse she had that one altered to fit him and seems a bit happier with it.
  6. wildponies

    wildponies New Member

    I loved trying them out at the demo. The dressage saddle was SO comfortable!

    I have looked on ebay and you can pick them up for half the retail price!
  7. Riley Roo

    Riley Roo New Member

    Yeah me too - we'd best make sure we don't bid against eachother when the time comes - don't want another beeston situation!!! :D

    So - so far the verdict is that they are really good then?
  8. old_woman

    old_woman a VERY senior citizen

    I had one - I HATED it.

    Yet I thought that I would love it. I have never, ever been so uncomfortable with a saddle before or since - and I have ridden in some pretty ropey saddles around the world, and of many different types, too, both good and bad. Even the cheapo-western on an unschooled pacer which paced in front and did a sort of cha-cha behind was not as uncomfortable as the WOW.

    Simply AWFUL. And it caused - erm - problems for my husband when he tried it. He dismounted VERY quickly!

    However, I do know people who love them and will use no other. It is a very individual choice - make sure you trial it well and don't let yourself be pressured if you are at all unsure.
  9. CER1389

    CER1389 Guest

    I love them, my YO swears by them and I've seen the improvement in all her horses.
    I jump at any chance to ride in them, and will certainly have one when I get my own horse.

    Only thing with buying one on ebay, is making sure you have a decent fitter to help you refit it once you have it.
  10. wonkeywoody

    wonkeywoody New Member

    First thought equine are very helpful. You can send a photo of oyur horses' back and they will guide you on panel type.
    Most people selling WOWs on ebay are not sure which type of panel is on the saddle you are enquiring about however, if you get them to post plenty of pics from all sides you can usually work it out!
    Interestingly, WOW recommend a tabbed panel for my breed of horse but tried on a tabbed and a D panel and the D was the better fit.
    You can adjust it yourself, but you need to pump kit. Its very obvious when you sit on it and someone else is doing the pumping how much difference is made with a single pump of air into one bag.
  11. Ashlea

    Ashlea New Member

    I dont own one myself (waaaay too expensive), but I have ridden friends horses in them and they are fantastic! So comfy, and light! I think I did feel more "ontop" of the horse though, and less "at one" with the horse, but that might have just been because my horse has a leather saddler with a slightly higher back and front...and hes also a little wider than the slender and rather leggy TB I was riding at the time! then again, it might have just been pumped up too much for me!
    Oh, actually, I also rode a little fat cob in one and I think I felt the same - soon got used to it though...I dont think my bum hurt after either (ive got a bony bum - despite being well padded elsewhere) :rolleyes: If it were my saddle, id have let some air out!

    From what ive heard they are very good, and very light, and somewhat adjustable...and I think they are made to spread the weight and fit the horses better too...(I know all saddles attempt to do that), but its the "honey combe" filling that is so innovative and "break through" in technology. If I had the money, I would get one because Ive heard they are meant to be better for the horse's back and movement...although it might take me a while to get used to it...:cool:
  12. HashRouge

    HashRouge New Member

    Well, I suppose someone has to come and give you the lowdown on what happens when a WOW goes wrong, so I'll give it a go!
    I got one for my mare about 1 1/2 years ago and it was a DISASTER!!! My mare has very flat shoulders and a fairly round stomach and has always had trouble with saddles slipping forwards, but I trialed a WOW saddle for 1 week and was quite taken with it. It seemed to sit nicely behind her shoulders and she schooled beautifully in it. So, I took the plunge and used all of my savings (I'm a student) to buy my own. Well, over the next 6 months I must have seen the saddle fitter about 6 times (bear in mind it was a £50 call out fee) - first she had to put in a narrower headplate, then a wider one, then the saddle was leaning sideways so she had to come and alter the air, then it started slipping forwards so she tried all the foregirth options, which stopped the saddle slipping forwards but also tipped it forwards completely so she sent me out this new girth done by WOW called an 'H' girth. This stopped the saddle moving quite as far forward, but was so bulky that it rubbed my mare's sides until they bled (I cried when I took the girth off and saw her sides. It was NOT pretty). So, she had three weeks off for the wounds to heal and my mum made special fleece sleeves for the girth. This stopped the rubbing, but we then started to notice muscle wastage on my horse's back. We had the width and the air adjusted, but the wastage continued. After 10 nightmare months I gave up and sold it. Never, ever again!
  13. wonkeywoody

    wonkeywoody New Member

    Hash rouge - can I ask, what type of saddle did you get to replace your WOW?
  14. HashRouge

    HashRouge New Member

    Oh god, don't ask! She's in a wintec VSD at the moment, which is nowhere near perfect but so so so much better than the WOW. Ideally I'd like to get a Fhoenix for her (I borrowed a friend's for a few weeks earlier in the summer and we both loved it) but after the WOW I can't afford to buy anything pricey. The WOW was supposed to be my 'forever' saddle, but that didn't work out to well :rolleyes:

    I love your name btw! Wonkeywoody is the ideal name for my sister's TB gelding, Woody!
  15. Zingy

    Zingy New Member

    Like anything, they suit some horses and not others. I tried a WOW at Burghley last year and really liked it, so had a fitting for my horse. They didn't have the one I wanted for me to try, so I had to try something different (then they wanted me to buy what I wanted on the strength of trying something different).

    My pony went ok in it, but certainly neither of us went "wow" :rolleyes: It also shifted from side to side in trot - that was going to be solved by putting more air into 1 side to stabilise it. This is on a pony with no muscle wastage at all, so I wasn't convinced about why a saddle that fitted would effectively have to be flocked unevenly to make it not move :confused: Though I've no idea whether the air pressure was even to start with, given that no pressures were taken.

    I was left feeling a bit unimpressed with it, to be honest, though a lot of that from my point of view was down to the fitter rather than the saddle itself.
  16. Sticky's GF

    Sticky's GF New Member

    It sounds as tho some fitters are better than others depending on where you are. I live about half an hour from First Thought's HQ so I boxed over and was there over 4 hours having a fitting. They were extremely thorough. They picked the size seat for jez, then the style of seat and blocks/flaps were down to me. I got to trial them first on a wooden horse! It was odd because the ones I thought I'd like I didn't like and vice versa.

    The saddle did feel quite different to my old saddle (barnsby) and initially I felt like I wasn't secure enough due to flat seat and hardly any knee roll, but I've since found with my jumping that I'm actually MORE secure as I'm able to shift my weight about and move around much more freely therefore balancing myself much better. OK I'm starting to go on now... :eek:

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