Yards in South Tyneside, Sunderland, Gateshead, Seaham, Seaton?

Discussion in 'General' started by Stella2, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Stella2

    Stella2 New Member

    I moved Flora onto very expensive 'Spa Livery', where she has two spa treatments a week and Equisage, to try to manage her recurrent, severe Lymphangitis. It hasn't worked and I really need her to live out, but I also need a good quality school.

    All the places I have come across where a horse can live out year round have had poor arenas (except Low Meadows at Lanchester, but that is too far for me) :(

    Can any NR folk suggest somewhere for me and a lovely friendly mare?
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  2. pepsimaxrock

    pepsimaxrock New Member

    probably too far from you Ann, in Rowlands Gill. Hollin Hill Farm has a nice (outdoor) arena.

    Have you tried Pockerley, is it just a riding school?

  3. Stella2

    Stella2 New Member

    I went to Pockerly a couple of years ago for a lesson and I think they do livery, but its too far. The furthest into Durham I can realistically go is Chester-le-Street.

    Rowlands Gill sounds interesting. Can you tell me more about it? Is that Gateshead way?
  4. donnamm

    donnamm New Member

    I am also looking for a yard in gateshead


    I am also looking for livery yard in the Gateshead area. I used to keep my horse at Whickham but its closed down now. I keep my horse at my aunties farm near Hexham, which is great for hacking and he has 24 hour supervision but its just too far, especially in the winter. I have had a look at a few in the area. There is a superb one in Silverhills Gateshead called Hillcrest farm I think. Its at the top of the hill on the left if you approach from Lamesley. They charge £50 per week for a horse which includes all hard feed and haylage. The stables are really nice American barn type stables with rubber matted floors and automatic water dispensers in the stables and there is a huge schooling arena which I think is flood lit. Sadly this was a little too expensive for me. I have had a look at a few cheaper ones but they were full up.

    I would look in the Adtrader. There are always liveries advertised in there. But I find most of them are grazing and a stable only, with little or no facilities for schooling.

    If you hear of any decent ones let me know.
  5. Lgd

    Lgd New Member

    Folk at Hillcrest have always seemed nice when we competed up there - they used to run trailblazer dressage (may still do it). Nice outdoor surface certainly. I think where a friend is they have 24 hr turnout most of the year - will ask her tonight, they certainly have an arena - Sarah goes up to teach her. I think Weightman's might have 24/7 turnout available as well - will ask around.
  6. Ebie Equestrian

    Ebie Equestrian New Member

    Red Rose Stud and livery in Chester-le-Street have a nice indoor and outdoor school plus good hacking facilities. They are a full livery yard although do cater for care for eldery horses or those with special requirements. I know that they have vacancies at the moment it might me worth having a chat to them to see if they could accomodate Flora having 24hr turnout whenever necessary. YM's are Ren and Rachel and can be contacted on 0191 4770652 or 07906 691372 or i'm sure they would mind if you popped down one evening/weekend.

    (I am assuming from your description that Flora is at Leamside - Red Rose if definitely cheaper.)
  7. pepsimaxrock

    pepsimaxrock New Member

    Rowlands Gill is in Gateshead - at its most western point; next to Hamsterley Mill and not too far from Burnppfield. You go on the A1 to the metrocentre and then turn up the A694 towards Consett, Rowlands Gill is about 2 miles up that road.

    Not sure how far that is from you. There is a farm - Hollin Hill farm its called that does liverys - not a RS - on the main road going through the village. It has a new -ish outdoor arena which is hardly ever used. I pass it every days when I'm at home and wish I had a hoss.
  8. Stella2

    Stella2 New Member

    Mmmm ..! AAH I think that would be too far up for me after work in rush hour traffic.

    Ebie, I once looked at Red Rose. Unfortunately, the indoor school is not good enough. I didn't see the outdoor, but from what others have said, I doubt that it would be either and I know they only have access to it at limited times as its not actually theirs.

    LGD, Hillcrest sounds interesting, but I don't know where it is :confused:

    Donnamm, Can you consider anywhere slightly beyond Gateshead? What facilities do you need?

    God I hate trying to find the right yard :rolleyes:
  9. Lgd

    Lgd New Member

    It is near Sunniside in Gateshead - Wickham/Lobley Hill turn-off (first one after the Team valley turnoff travelling North). Up to Sunniside and the turn-off is just into Sunniside (left hand turn, signposted for a garden centre if I remember rightly), past Pennyfine livery and it is right at the top of the hill - think the owner is called Lynne
  10. BERTY

    BERTY New Member

    Ebbie - I cant quite figure it but it seems like you are at Red Rose and have your tack shop there - is that right?

    What do you get at Leamside that makes it more expensive than Red Rose? From what I hear they are totally different types of yard and not livery so its not really a comparison is it?:confused:
  11. Miriam

    Miriam Moderator

    Ann did you find a new yard?
  12. Stella2

    Stella2 New Member

    I went back to Cocken. The school doesn't really do the job for me, so I'll have to get transport and travel her to one a couple of times a week.

    Leamside do livery, it has a hydrotherapy Spa.
  13. Ebie Equestrian

    Ebie Equestrian New Member


    I know that the two yards are not a direct comparison - I wasn't trying to suggest that they were. Stella2 had commented that the Spa had not worked for her horse so I assumed that she is looking for standard livery and on a monthly cost basis Red Rose is cheaper - I am fully aware that Leamside have different facility on offer to those that I receive for my horse.

    Yes I do have my horses there and yes I have a small tack outlet for the customers at the yard. My main business is via my website and I am hopefully going mobile soon (providing horse wagon passes MOT:rolleyes: ) and will be approaching local livery yards etc to see if I can come say once a week so their customers can view/purchase some of thw quality brands that we stock.

    Sorry if you felt that I was 'putting down' leamside - I have heard nothing but good praise about the facility and indeed if I could afford it I would send my Hanoverian mare there to continue her dressage training - understand that they have a few very good dressage instructors who keep their own horses their.

  14. Lgd

    Lgd New Member

    You're welcome to come and use our arena when your wheels are organised, it is now up to full size 60m - the retaining boards are not quite finished but it is perfectly usable.
  15. Stella2

    Stella2 New Member

    Thats a lovely offer, thank you :D I quite fancy one of these if I can scrape the money together http://www.northernhorseboxes.co.uk/ What do you think?
  16. Lgd

    Lgd New Member

    Unlikely to be big enough for the two girls, and having put Peri in one (borrowed last year to bring her home from stud) they are distinctly lacking in head room when loading/travelling. Also distinctly underpowered. Better off looking for a 5.5t GVWT or bigger either used or conversion/new build on a used chassis.

    Would recommend Chadwicks for used boxes - they have a good reputation

    Nice 7.5T one on page 2 for not much different price.

    My friend's old box is on there - she lost her parking, so down-sized to park it at home - on page 3, I know she really looked after it.

    Still worth getting the AA or a good mechanic to check anything over though.
  17. Miriam

    Miriam Moderator

    Just dont fall into the same trap at Cocken as the last time. Wishing you the best of luck

    Must arrange to meet the girls sometime
  18. Miriam

    Miriam Moderator

  19. BERTY

    BERTY New Member

    Hi Ebie

    I am new to this NR site. A close friend said that it was a good site and would make an interesting read... and chats and I should join and take a look. Looks good so far.

    I didnt think you were putting Leamside down just wondered what Leamside had over Red Rose that made them cheaper. I hear Red Rose is a good yard and they have done a lot to it so good on them.

    I know Leamside dont do just livery so thats why I was confused at the comparison.

    You will have to post details of where your 'mobile' shop is so we can all take a look round... could do with an excuse to spend some more! Do you do Caldene clothing and Pikeur?
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  20. Ebie Equestrian

    Ebie Equestrian New Member

    We do some basic everyday clothing - cheap jods etc. But for competition wear we stock a fully range of Pikeur, hopefully will get the ANKY range soon. A few peaople have asked me about the getting Caldene range in so I'm looking into it. ALthough so far everyone seems to be pleased with the Pikeaur range - especially now they do breeches starting from £60!. WE do items from the shires range as well - hacking jackets etc - although Pikeur are due to launch a very nice hacking jacket (although for some reason they've decided to wait until Sept for the launch:rolleyes: ). We o a lot of horse gear as well - starting from headcollars upto rugs and hopefully a full range of saddles soon.

    Other brands we stock are Shock Absorber, Petrie, Slip Not, Muck Boot Co, William Funnell, Shire, Charles Owen, NAF, Mark Todd coming soon to name but a view. Once I've approached the local yards and got the go ahead I'll advertise where i'll be and when. Trying to get to a view of the local shows as well - although it seems to be hard to get your foot in the door.


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