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Discussion in 'General' started by Vic&Jake, May 10, 2008.

  1. Vic&Jake

    Vic&Jake Parelli rocks!


    I am about to move house to Milnrow and am looking for a new yard for my horse.

    Does anyone know of any yards in the milnrow/rochdale area that I could go and have a look at?

  2. loziasa

    loziasa Dressage Diva Wannabe :D

    ooooo you might have a bit of trouble there - I know there are quite a few people looking around this area and there seems to be a bit of a shortage!

    The only one I know of in Milrow is Fenns Riding Centre, and I am not too sure whether they do livery, I just know it because that's where I first started riding :)

    Fenns Farm, Moor Bank Lane, Milnrow. Tel: 01706-55611

    Hope that helps,

  3. Vic&Jake

    Vic&Jake Parelli rocks!

    I used to ride at Fenns too! What is your name? Maybe we know each other?

    Fenns is closed now, they knocked it down to build a motorway over it. What a waste of a good riding place, and it would have been perfect because I am moving to a place just down the road from there.


    BBCRYSTAL New Member

    I remember an article in the local rag about Fenns last year... new people had totally redeveloped it and re-opened as a livery yard, don't have the contact details though but someone has put it on above here.
  5. loziasa

    loziasa Dressage Diva Wannabe :D

    ohhh it would be goin way way way back, I was only 4 so we are talkin nearly 16 years ago!
    I used to ride Tiny, a big grey lol well it was big to me anyway! My name is Helene Todd, I used to come with my mum but she never came near she just watched haha :)
  6. Vic&Jake

    Vic&Jake Parelli rocks!

    Awww, Tiny! I used to love that pony! Had the sweetest face! Was Polo there when you were there? Beauty? Remember Sue?

    My Jake came from Fenns. He was a riding school horse. But then when Brian sold Fenns to the developers, all the horses went somewhere else, but I couldn't bear to watch Jake go so I bought him. And we have been together ever since.

    I went to Lanehead stables today to have a look, but they are full. There are hardly any farms anymore. Don't know where I am going to go :0(


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