View Full Version : Alexandra Kurland - Clicker Training Clinic in Oxfordshire Sept 2003

31st Jan 2003, 05:55 PM
I am trying to gauge how much interest there would be for the above.

The clinic would be for those who are already using the clicker with their
horses. There will be a clinic in Devon to introduce people to using the
clicker. That is being organised by Heather Moffett (heather@eclipse.co.uk)
and will also probably be in September. Please contact Heather for further

The clinic in Oxfordshire will be three days and the estimated cost of the
Oxfordshire clinic is

200 or 260 if you bring a horse (feed and bedding extra)

So who might be interested? You are not committing yourself to anything at
this stage.

Details of Alex's work can be found at


Alexis (ah72@rl.ac.uk)