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3rd Apr 2003, 11:34 AM
After doing a bit clicker training down by the road at the junction leading out of the yard and Each time she stood for a while without moving off I cliked and rewarded her with food. Back on the yard I decided to long rein her down to the field with just her head collar and lung line attached like reins. Brill I thought she is standing nicely. Asked her to walk which she did after a bit of persuasion. Quarter of the way down the track I asked her to stop and stand. She did so I let her stand for a little longer than usual. She did so I clicked the clicker and asked her to walk on. She did not move so I asked again. She stood and looked at me as much as to say 'But where is my reward' I had to tell her her reward was to walk on' after all when I am in the cart I cannot reward her with food. 'Ok I'll go' Half way down I again asked for stop and she refused flatly pulling strongly on the reins. No digging of my heels was going to make her stop. I think she thought 'No food, No stop' in no uncertain terms. Anyone got one of those long hand thingies I could use to get the food to her mouth from the cart :D ;) As I can just see us at the junctions now.

Me: Rhi whoa and stand

Rhi: (look round) Where is my reward

Me: (click) Walk on

Rhi: (look round) No Where is my reward

Me: (click) WALK ON

Rhi: Oh ok

Then we get to another junction

Me: Whoa and stand

Rhi: Not B****y likely the last time I got nothing for it.

Then of course there is the other

Me: Whoa and stand

Rhi: (turns to look at me) Ok where is my reward

Me: (click. Reaches out extension arm to give reward) Walk on


Me: Whoa and stand

Rhi: Oh reward time

Me: (jumps off cart and gives reward)

Rhi: (walks away)

3rd Apr 2003, 11:41 AM
Rhi is far to intelligent:D

3rd Apr 2003, 11:47 AM
I wish she would put those brains to better use ;)