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Old 5th May 2008, 07:23 PM
MollyMuddle MollyMuddle is offline
Join Date: May 2008
Location: Shetland Isle Baby !
Posts: 20
What do you and your horse wear for cross country?

I know theres a thead like this for showumping, but many horses wear different things for different disciplines.
My horse Fern is a 16h Tb x connie 5 year old. She hasn't jumped under saddle yet but when she does, she will wear.

Eggbutt snaffle with lozenge ( or wilkie, depening how strong she is)
Bright pink with black braiding saddle cloth with MA & FC on one side, Final Countdown on the other.
Black antislip saddle pad.
Black john w passion saddle.
Black elevator or jw bridle with grakle and swavorski (sp?) round crystal browband.
Specially made fluffy (synthetic sheepskin) lined bright pink brushing booths with black straps.
Black john w stud girth.
Black jw v check breastplate with standing martingale attachment.

My other horse Milo is a 16.1h 10 year old Irish cob x tb gelding ( the only gelding on the stud!)

Milo wears.
Burgandy jw flash bridle, but have found grakle in same colour so using that.
Matching colour jw saddle, stud girth and jw v check breastplate with running martingale.
American gag as way too strong
Blue with gold braiding saddle pad with MA&JDV on one side, Mr Milo on the other. His real showname wouldn't fit and I don't actually know how to spell it without his passport.
Blue saddlepad.
Specially made blue brushing booths with yellowy gold straps also with synthetic sheepskin.
Blue over reachers

I wear.
For Fern:
Pink and Black wavy lines xc shirt, with Molly Arundale and Final Countdown On the back
For Milo:
Blue and yellowy gold wavy lines xc shirt with Molly Arundale and Mr Milo on the back
Cream jodhpurs, don't know make, but they weren't expensive
HSI skull cap with matching silk to horse I'm riding.
My ariat boots and gaiters.
Pink or blue whip.

We like to be colour co-ordinated
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Old 6th May 2008, 07:40 AM
ejay ejay is offline
Join Date: Mar 2008
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Posts: 21
Umm for Astro (10yo OTTB) I used:

elastic breastplate that hooks to girth at points, between the legs and then to saddle Ds with rings.
Jumping saddle (obviously!) with thick wool saddle blanket, half sheepskin numnah and gel pad.
snaffle bridle (he's sensations xc) with hanoverian noseband.
Rubber reins!
neoprene boots with metal inlays in the front ones to prevent self injury due to over reaching.
i don't like bellboots - they move in the water and i've seen horses go down because they've tripped themselves up.

I wear gloves, helmet and a back protector. and i carry a short whip.

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Old 7th May 2008, 03:46 PM
Posts: n/a
I wear:
Green/Black quartered Griffin Nuumed Rugby top
White shirt & PC tie
Beige jodhs
Black MH Jodh boots
Black Chaps
Roeckl Black gloves
Green whip
Skull cap with black silk
Black Hows Racesafe RS2000 BP

Gabe (16.3hh ISH) wears:
Brown GFS AP Saddle
Brown GFS Raised flash bridle
Neue Schule Loose Ring Lozenge snaffle
Brown Collegiate Hunter Breastplate with running martingale
Green saddlecloth/numnah (Brown for PC)
Green girth (Brown for PC)
WW black brushing boots (taped)
Black Overreach boots

I hope to get him a saddle cloth with "Loughnatousa Gabe" on it but can't afford it yet!
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Old 7th May 2008, 04:26 PM
WooHoo2 WooHoo2 is offline
Delightfully Mad!
Join Date: Apr 2005
Location: West Kent
Posts: 610
BB (16.3 WBxCB) wears:

Cliff Barnsby bridle, with hunting breastplate.
Rubber grip reins.
Eggbutt french-link snaffle.
Ideal eventer saddle.
Red Polypad,
Wintec shaped girth.
Premier eventing boots,

Body Protector (Blue)
Cream Jods
Red long sleeve rugby top (nicked from old fella)
White Hunting stock
Mountain Horse High Rider boots
Red, white & Blue skull cap silk
Black leather gloves.
Lucky knickers!
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