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First ride on green horse

Discussion in 'Training of the Horse and Rider' started by Hope Price, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. Hope Price

    Hope Price Well known member

    Mar 21, 2016
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    Well i'm super happy, I've been training this horse who is completely green (or was when i started working with him) and he came from a home who abused him before he was taken in by my neighbor, so he had absolutely no trust and wouldn't let the owner and me treat his injured leg, We have now been working with him for 7-8 months and on Thursday last week I sat on him for the first time and on Saturday had our first walk and then yesterday walked for 5 minutes and with me starting to give leg aids.

    I am so proud of this horse because it took so long and such hard work for him to start trusting people and it felt so great being up on his back!
    He is quite a sassy horse and loves to run, It took a long time for him to build the muscle to canter, he had literally no muscle and no intention of cantering till we built a round pen and started working him that way and then we saw HUGE amounts of progress and stability start to build.

    I am loving training this horse every second even on the bad days (Which are plentiful) and so happy and proud that he has let me on his back.
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