1. I

    My horse won’t stop napping!

    I’ve been stuck doing only arena work for ages because my mare naps so bad. The second we start to even head out hacking she stops, rears and spins. She can do this at any point out hacking even when we are heading home with other horses on the hack too. She doesn’t care if she backs into an...
  2. Laurenrmc

    Hacking Buddies wanted Slindon, West Sussex UK.

    Hey everyone, I have started sharing a horse on part-loan in Slindon/ West Sussex near some amazing long and short hacking areas, Im looking for people who would like to go hacking 1/2 times a week or whenever. Im sharing a 15.3 hand cob gelding and he is an angel with other horse however a bit...
  3. C

    New boy rearing on a hack- Thoughts please!

    Hi all, So I've acquired a new boy, 10 year old ex-racer, finished when he was 7. Clearly re-trained very well, but for the past year has been in a home with no turnout, no hacking, and he's been over fed and hardly worked. I've taken him on and have been able to jump straight on- he's calm...
  4. ChloeAnWomble

    Hacking with a dog

    I feel like I'm going to get onto a rant here so this morning me and my partner came face to face with two riders me being a rider we pulled over and let them pass, knowing the one was nervous of cars between the two of them and one nervous horse they had three dogs! None of which were with them...
  5. W

    Hacking Out - what to bring along for the ride

    Hello! At the riding school I am at we have started going out in groups hacking, sometimes for two or three hours at a time so we do get quite far from home, I was just wondering what everyone's essentials list is when hacking? We already bring a first aid kit along, a mobile phone, a...
  6. ChloeAnWomble

    bringing my horse back into work

    Hello, i have a new 6 yr old 14'1 Section C, he has been out of work since July last year when he had an operation as he was a rig going to the meat man and was saved by a rescue and cut properly, when i first met him we went for a ten min little hack just out of the field and to see what he was...