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  1. TwoDaysTooLate


    Hi all! I’ve recently been accepted into the university of Warwick to start as a fresher and I’m super excited. However, my horse will have to come with me to uni and I’m struggling to find a livery yard for him! Does anyone have any recommendations? Many thanks x
  2. TwoDaysTooLate


    Hi all, My best friend and I have both applied to the University of Edinburgh to study and with results day looming we have been looking to find a place for our horses (yes they are coming with us lol). We initially applied to Pentland but unfortunately I have been waitlisted which doesn't...
  3. honey65

    Livery search

    Hello I'm looking for a DIY livery space for a 15.2hh near Wessington, Matlock, Derbyshire. I have grass livery at Pear Tree Farm in Clay Cross but need to find a stable by October really. Can anyone help?
  4. Samantha

    Set up of Small Livery

    Hello everyone I am considering renting out a few stables on my yard and wondered if you would mind giving me an idea of costs, fees to charge and tips from your own experiences please. Much appreciated x
  5. ShannonLClark

    DIY livery in and around Reading

    I'm looking at moving my 13.2hh gelding to the Reading area towards the end of summer. I was just wondering if anyone knows of any grass or DIY livery in and around Reading? Preferably nothing with an extortionate price tag. Thanks for your help!