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  1. Hannah Kate

    Horse gets fast, turns away and bolts on Lunge

    One of my ex racehorses has always been a pig to lunge. At the minute he needs lunging as he’s in due to bad weather and mudfever. Some days when you least expect it he lunged like a dream. Most days however he gets quick and choppy no matter how much I talk to him and try to steady him he’s...
  2. Hannah Kate

    Finally introducing Scorched Son

    My main horse Scorched Son aka Seamus. He’s a 16.2-3 TB gelding. Raced from 2005-2014. He then suffered a tendon injury but was kept at the racing yard for another year in hope he’d recover and continue to love hurdles. Unfortunately after a slow recovery he fell out of love for racing which...
  3. Hannah Kate

    Horse won’t do trot poles

    I have ridden from the age of 3 competitively and NEVER had this problem. My horse will not TROT over trot poles, he’ll walk them under saddle, walk trot & canter them on the lunge, walk trot and canter a single pole under saddle but any more then 3 poles he goes back down to a walk to finish...
  4. Hannah Kate

    Ex Racehorse Stifle Arthritis

    14 year old ex racehorse has been diagnosed with mild arthritis in his nearside stifle. Some days obviously mildly lame in walk once trotted he's fine again. He does drag a toe every now and then nothing too often. Vet has given him Bute which as of yet I haven't needed with him a light...
  5. Hannah Kate

    Stifle Soreness 14 y/o OTTB

    An OTTB I have known for years and owned for just under a year has a stifle problem. The stifle locks ever so slightly but he just gets tight and sore. Multiple vets have seen him the lameness is only bad when ridden/lunged in a circle on a slight slope. All of the vets have suggested...
  6. Hannah Kate

    Confirmation Critiques 14 y/o OTTB

    I would like to hear some critiques about my OTTB also exercises to help his hind end and neck build muscle. His background: He began training in Ireland as a yearling and raced flat races as a 2 y/o. Raced over hurdles and fences from the age of 3 until he had an accident over fences at 11...